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PrestaShop 1.5 Beginner’s Guide

Beginner's Guide
Jose A. Tizon, John Horton

Build your own attractive online store with this fast and flexible e-commerce solution
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Book Details

ISBN 139781782161066
Paperback260 pages

About This Book

  • Build a fully featured, attractive online shop with PrestaShop
  • Add and customize your shop’s products
  • Make more money by offering shipping and payment options to your site

Who This Book Is For

This book is for people who are interested in creating an online shop. Basic HTML and CSS skills would be beneficial but are not required as we will provide you with all the code and know-how you need.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Know your business
Downloading PrestaShop
Time for action – transferring files to your web host
Making a database
Time for action – creating a database
How to install PrestaShop
Time for action – the PrestaShop auto-installer
Post-install security
Time for action – how to delete the install folder
Time for action – renaming the admin folder
Your shop front explained
Your shop-back explained
Time for action – logging in to your PrestaShop control panel
Before we continue
Chapter 2: Back Office
Price rules
Shipping and localization
Time for action – installing the shopping cart module
What goes on your home page?
Time for action – how to add your content to your home page
Time for action – using the content management system
Time for action – moving modules
Time for action – changing the default image size
PrestaShop themes
Time for action – installing a PrestaShop theme
Customizing your template
Time for action – creating a new template
Time for action – uploading your company/store logo
Advanced parameters and administration
Time for action – making a customer account
Creating the “must have” pages
Contacting your store
Time for action – creating departments to contact
Multistore feature
Downloadable products
Are you an existing user of osCommerce? Let’s import it to PrestaShop
Chapter 3: Merchandising for Success
Shop categories
Time for action – how to create product categories
Time for action – adding category descriptions
Adding products
Time for action – how to add a product to PrestaShop
Highlighting products
Time for action – how to highlight your newest products
Time for action – creating a special offer
Time for action – creating an accessory
Time for action – using PrestaShop's features
Time for action – an attributes example
Time for action – allowing your customers to customize
Product mania!
Chapter 4: Getting More Customers
SEO: Search Engine Optimization
Meta tags
Time for action – PrestaShop meta tags
Tag clouds
Time for action – creating a tag cloud
Friendly URLs
Time for action – how to get search-friendly URLs
Canonical URLs
Time for action – choosing your canonical URL
Writing and displaying articles
Using the CMS
Time for action – creating the article
Time for action – creating robots.txt
Helping Google with sitemaps
Time for action – Google sitemaps tutorial
PrestaShop search weightings
Time for action – enabling a second language
Time for action – translating product descriptions
Time for action – translating your whole website
Chapter 5: Tools, Newsletters, Extra Income, and Statistics
Exploring the Preferences tab
Time for action – customizing your tabs
Time for action – creating a Quick access
E-mail marketing with newsletters
Time for action – the newsletter module
Time for action – product notifications
Time for action – accessing your e-mail list
Time for action – installing Google AdSense
Setting up PrestaShop statistics
Time for action – setting up statistics engines and modules
Installing Google Analytics
Time for action – installing Google Analytics
Chapter 6: Security and Disaster Recovery
Types of attacks
Employees and user security
Time for action – creating users
Time for action – creating profiles
Time for action – configuring permissions to profiles
SSL – Secure Sockets Layer
Time for action – setting up SSL in PrestaShop
Making a copy of your store
Time for action – backing up your database
Time for action – backing up your files
Using your copy
Time for action – how to restore the database
Time for action – restoring your files
Upgrading PrestaShop
Time for action – how to upgrade PrestaShop
This chapter in a nutshell
Chapter 7: Checkouts and Shipping
Handling payments
Using PayPal
Time for action – installing the PayPal module
Using Google Checkout
Time for action – how to set up Google Checkout payments
Sales taxes
Time for action – setting up PrestaShop to handle sales tax
One page checkout
Guest checkout
Time for action – adding a currency
Time for action – setting a currency rate
Time for action – creating a voucher
Shipping options
Time for action – configuring shipping by sale value
Time for action – how to configure shipping by weight
Gift wrapping and recycled packaging
Time for action – setting up gift wrapping and recycled packaging options
Your PrestaShop so far
Chapter 8: Ready to Sell
Creating an account and placing an order
Time for action – creating an account and placing an order
Repeat business with a customer loyalty scheme
Time for action – setting up your loyalty scheme
Getting some product comments
Time for action – getting some feedback for your products
Putting up a discount voucher on the front page
Time for action – putting your voucher on the home page
Registering with the search engines
Time for action – registering with the search engines
Marketing your site
Promoting your store using social media
Handling orders and checking payments
Time for action – creating messages
Time for action – statuses
Time for action – how to process an order
More about the Customers and Orders tabs
Time for action – creating and using groups
Time for action – Invoices
Chapter 9: Go… to the Future
Why are we here?
The power of e-commerce and a passive income
Learning from competitors
Perpetual analysis, improvement, and marketing
Time for action – making a plan
The big secret
The future of e-commerce and PrestaShop
Picture this

What You Will Learn

  • Build an online shop with PrestaShop
  • Quickly configure and install PrestaShop
  • Use PrestaShop catalog features to present your products in an enticing and professional manner
  • Customize and configure the look and feel of your PrestaShop to make it unique and professional
  • Connect PrestaShop to a choice of payment handlers to take online payments
  • Secure PrestaShop using a wide range of built-in features and other tactics
  • Master the ins and outs of handling shipping, taxes, and currencies in PrestaShop
  • Market your new business using e-mail, social media, SEO, articles, blogs, forums, and more

In Detail

PrestaShop is an open source, e-commerce solution which allows you to build a highly functional, flexible, and attractive online store.

In"PrestaShop 1.5 Beginner’s Guide" you will learn how to set up, extend, and personalize your own online shop. Newly updated to focus on PrestaShop 1.5, this book features descriptive and practical tutorials on everything you need to make a splash in the world of e-commerce.

If you want to start selling your products online but are a bit daunted about shipping, tax, and designing your online presence, then this is the book for you.

This practical book starts by showing you how to download, install, and configure your own shop. Using a step-by-step approach, this book takes you through the processes required to create a fully functioning online shop with the potential to make you serious money.

With distinct chapters on the methods required to make your products stand out to your customers better, this title will enable you to create and customize a vivid, online presence to get people visiting your store and buying your goods.

Targeting further sales, this book then shows you how to develop a targeted search engine optimization campaign to get new customers and keep existing customers returning. From here you will learn how to tackle complicated tax rates and shipping costs efficiently and with less hassle to ensure your customers are satisfied with your service.

If you want to start your own e-commerce business using PrestaShop, then this book will show you how.


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