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Plone 3.3 Site Administration

Alex Clark

Alex Clark's book will get you managing and enhancing your Plone website like a seasoned expert
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Book Details

ISBN 139781847197047
Paperback240 pages

About This Book

  • Covers Plone basics from a site administrator's perspective
  • Learn how to use Buildout to develop, deploy, and maintain a modern Plone site
  • Enhance the functionality and appearance of your web site by using third-party add-ons
  • Features many useful Buildout recipes from the Python Package Index
  • Written by Alex Clark, an expert Plone site administrator and member of the infrastructure team

Who This Book Is For

This book is designed for site administrators, webmasters, or content editors managing a site with Plone. These users will not be new to Plone itself, but they will be new to the site administration tasks. The reader is also expected to know basic Python programming. This book caters to these users, and builds their confidence by helping them to get their Plone sites up, running, and customized with minimal peripheral knowledge.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Background
Site administration essentials
What you need to get started
About Plone installers
About Python software distributions
How to install Distribute—a framework for managing Python packages
How to install PIP: a more user friendly Python package installer
How to install Buildout—a tool for building software
More about Python software distributions
How to install a C compiler
How to install Subversion—a version control system
How to install Python with Buildout
Chapter 2: Site Basics
More about Buildout
Customizing site navigation
Adding new content types
Chapter 3: Appearance
Installing themes with Buildout
Examining themes with Omelette and Python
Overview of theme package files
Creating a theme package with ZopeSkel
Examining themes in the Zope Management Interface
Making changes through the Web
Chapter 4: Administration
Configuring mail settings in a development environment
User and group management: Out of the box
Users and groups management with LDAP
Chapter 5: Deployment and Maintenance
Creating a production buildout
Backing up your database
Automating database backups
Restoring your database from a backup
Packing your database
Automate database packing
Rotating logs
Chapter 6: Optimization
Caching background in the context of Plone
Installing CacheFu—a caching add-on for Plone
Installing Varnish—a caching agent
Installing Squid—a caching agent
Creating multiple instances with Buildout macros
Load balancing in the context of Plone
Installing Supervisor—a process manager
Understanding the software stack
Installing Munin plugins to analyze performance
Chapter 7: Security
Restricting TCP/IP access to localhost or LAN host
Managing IP addresses and ports effectively
Configuring the Zope 2 effective user dynamically
Installing Cassandra to audit through the web (TTW) security
Applying security and bug fixes to Plone
Chapter 8: The Future
Specifying package versions
Executing Buildout in offline mode
Analyzing the contents of our buildout
Staying calm when trouble arises
Upgrading to Plone 4

What You Will Learn

  • The basics of Plone site administration
  • Installing Python, Distribute, Buildout, PIP, Plone, and more
  • Changing the appearance of your Plone site with freely available, professional-looking themes
  • Automating maintenance tasks to keep your site running smoothly with less effort
  • Securing, backing up, and monitoring your Plone site
  • Maximizing the performance of your Plone site by applying various site optimization techniques

In Detail

In the past few years, we have seen some dramatic changes in the way Plone sites are being developed, deployed, and maintained. As a result, developing and deploying sites, changing their default settings, and performing day to day maintenance tasks can be a challenge.

This book covers site administration tasks, from setting up a development instance, to optimizing a deployed production site, and more. It demonstrates how-to perform these tasks in a comprehensive way, and walks the user through the necessary steps to achieve results.

We have divided the subject of Plone site administration into three categories: development, deployment, and maintenance. We begin by explaining how a Plone site is built, and how to start using it through the web. Next, we add features by installing add-on products, focusing on themes, blogging, and other common enhancements. After the basics of developing and deploying a Plone site are covered, the book covers the basics of maintaining it.

Further, throughout the book we preview some new technologies related to Plone site administration, available now as add-ons to the current Plone release.  Finally, we will cover a variety of techniques to help you optimize your site's performance.


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