Play Framework Cookbook - Second Edition

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  • Implement the Model-View-Controller (MVC) web architecture with Play 2
  • Convert data between incompatible type systems using ORM tools such as Ebean and Anorm
  • Serve and receive JSON messages to transmit data objects
  • Create long-running, asynchronous controllers using Akka
  • Learn to use modules for Amazon S3, Redis, and MongoDB
  • Consume public APIs using the Play WS API
  • Make your application production-ready by integrating it with AngularJS
  • Automate the creation of a portable development environment using Vagrant
  • Deploy Play 2 applications with Docker

As web and mobile systems become more sophisticated, anchoring systems in a mature, solid framework has become increasingly important. Play 2 provides developers with the necessary tools to build robust web applications.

This book is a compilation of useful recipes aimed at helping developers discover the power of Play 2. The introductory section serves as a primer to Play Framework, wherein all the fundamentals of the framework are covered extensively. It then explains the usage of controllers and how modules can be leveraged for optimal performance. Next, the book walks you through creating and using APIs, followed by extensive real-world applications. Finally, you will learn to manage applications post production.

  • Create and build modern web applications using Play 2.x
  • Learn how to integrate Play 2.x with databases, third party modules, Restful APIs, and more
  • Explore various features and optimizations added to Play 2.x using practical example-oriented scenarios
Page Count 354
Course Length 10 hours 37 minutes
ISBN 9781784393137
Date Of Publication 11 Jun 2015


Alexander Reelsen

Alexander Reelsen is a software engineer living in Munich, Germany, where he has been working on different software systems such as a touristic booking engine, campaign management, and messaging platform, and a B2B e-commerce portal. He began using the Play Framework in 2009, and was immediately astonished by the sheer simplicity of this framework, while still dealing with pure Java. Other interests include scaling shared-nothing web architectures and NoSQL databases.

Being a system engineer, when he started playing around with Linux at the age of 14, Alexander got to know about software engineering during his studies and decided that web applications are more interesting than system administration.

When not doing something hacky, he enjoys playing a good game of basketball or street ball.

Sometimes he even tweets at and can be reached anytime at

Giancarlo Inductivo

Giancarlo Inductivo is the founder of DYNAMIC OBJX, a web and mobile development firm based in Manila, Philippines, and is the current technology head. Over the last 10 years, Giancarlo has been based in San Francisco and Manila, working in software development for companies in various industries such as online recruitment, social networking, Internet media, and software consultancy.

With DYNAMIC OBJX, Giancarlo has been utilizing the Play Framework for client projects since version 1.2 and has successfully launched many client projects using version 2.x for systems such as inventory management, logistics, financials, social media content aggregation, mobile content management, and so on.

Giancarlo is also interested in other technologies such as Apache Spark, Docker, and Arduino.

Apart from technology, Giancarlo is also obsessed with his Stratocasters, the Golden State Warriors, and his two kids, Makayla and Elijah.

You can reach Giancarlo on Quora: