PHPEclipse: A User Guide

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  • Finding your way around the Eclipse environment
  • Working with the PHP editing features of PHPEclipse to correct your PHP syntax
  • Configuring and using the debugger to help troubleshoot PHP code
  • Using PHPDocumentor to quickly create documentation for your code
  • Interfacing to SQL databases using the QuantumDB plug-in
  • Managing your source code repository from within Eclipse
  • Deploying your application to production servers via FTP, SFTP, WebDav
  • Using Ant to deploy your PHP applications



The fusion of Eclipse, the leading open source development environment, and PHP is an exciting prospect for web developers. This book makes sure that you are up and running as quickly as possible, ready to take full advantage of PHPEclipse's tuned PHP development tools, without requiring any prior knowledge of Eclipse.

You will begin with installing and configuring PHPEclipse, before moving onto a tour of the Eclipse environment, familiarizing you with its main components. As a plug-in to Eclipse, PHPEclipse is able to harness the platform to provide a rich and powerful development experience.

For helping you improve the efficiency of your PHP coding, the book details the powerful editing features of PHPEclipse, and shows you how to use it to better organize your application code.

You will see how PHPEclipse helps you throughout the development lifecycle, and learn how to use PHPEclipse's debugger to troubleshoot and step through your PHP code as it executes. The book rounds off with coverage of accessing databases and managing source code from within the  . For the final step for your application, you will learn how to deploy your site to a production server.

  • Compact guide to using Eclipse and PHPEclipse for web development
  • Slash development time by improving the efficiency of your PHP coding and organizing your projects in the PHPEclipse environment
  • Learn to use Eclipse for debugging PHP applications, interfacing with databases, and managing source code
  • No previous knowledge of Eclipse required


Page Count 228
Course Length 6 hours 50 minutes
ISBN 9781904811442
Date Of Publication 13 Feb 2006


Shu-Wai Chow

Shu-Wai Chow has worked in computer programming and information technology for the past eight years. He started his career in Sacramento, California, spending four years as the webmaster for Educaid, a First Union Company, and another four years at Vision Service Plan as an application developer. Through the years, he has become proficient in Java, JSP, PHP, ColdFusion, ASP, LDAP, XSLT, and XSL-FO. Shu has also been the volunteer webmaster and a feline adoption counselor for several animal welfare organizations in Sacramento.


He is currently a software engineer at Antenna Software in Jersey City, New Jersey, and is finishing his studies in Economics at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.


Born in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong, Shu did most of his alleged growing up in Palo Alto, California. He lives on the Jersey Shore with seven very demanding cats, four birds that are too smart for their own good, a tail-less bearded dragon, a betta who needs her tank cleaned, a dermestid beetle colony, a cherished Fender Stratocaster, and a beloved, saint-like fiancé.