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PHP Programming with PEAR

Carsten Lucke, Stoyan Stefanov

XML, Data, Dates, Web Services, and Web APIs
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Book Details

ISBN 139781904811794
Paperback250 pages

About This Book

  • Maximize your productivity through the use of proven, powerful, reusable PHP components
  • In-depth coverage of a range of important PEAR packages
  • Many code examples provide a clear and practical guidance

Who This Book Is For

This book is for PHP developers who want to maximize their productivity through the use of proven, high-quality, reusable PEAR components. Some experience of working with PEAR classes will prove helpful, and developers who've used PEAR before can find something new to delight them.<!--[if !supportAnnotations]-->

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: MDB2
A Brief History of MDB2
Abstraction Layers
Speed Considerations
MDB2 Package Design
Getting Started with MDB2
Using MDB2
MDB2 SQL Abstraction
MDB2 Modules
Extending MDB2
Chapter 2: Displaying Data
HTML Tables
Excel Spreadsheets
Generating PDF Files
Chapter 3: Working with XML
PEAR Packages for Working with XML
Creating XML Documents
Processing XML Documents
Chapter 4: Web Services
Consuming Web Services
Offering a Web Service
Chapter 5: Working with Dates
Working with the Date Package
Working with the Calendar Package

What You Will Learn

Chapter 1 shows you how to access databases with the MDB2 package. You will learn:

•    Connecting to the database, and instantiate objects
•    Executing queries and fetching data
•    MDB2 SQL abstraction; sequences, replace queries, sub-select support, prepared statements
•    Using MDB2 modules
•    Extending MDB2 to provide custom fetch and result classes, iterators, and modules

Chapter 2 explains how to use PEAR packages to display data . It teaches you:

•    Creating powerful tables of data easily with the HTML_Table package
•    Advanced table formatting with HTML_Table_Matrix
•    Creating Excel spreadsheets dynamically with Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer
•    Adding formatting to these spreadsheets including colors, patterns, formulae and number formatting
•    Creating flexible, sortable grids of data with Structures_DataGrid
•    Adding columns to the grid, control paging, select data sources, and renderers
•    Using File_PDF to create PDF documents on the fly

Chapter 3 covers the usage of PEAR packages to work with XML and stresses on:
•    Creating XML documents with XML_Util, XML_Fastcreate
•    Transforming PHP objects to XML format with XML_Serializer
•    Creating Mozilla applications with XML_XUL
•    Parsing XML with XML_Parser
•    Processing XML documents to PHP objects with XML_Unserializer
•    Parsing RSS with XML_RSS

Chapter 4 is an extensive tutorial on working with web services and Web API's using PEAR packages. We cover the following topics:

•    Consuming web services
•    Consuming XML-RPC-based web services
•    Accessing the Google API
•    Searching blog entries with Services_Technorati
•    Accessing the Amazon web service
•    Accessing the Yahoo API
•    Offering XML-RPC-based web services
•    Offering SOAP-based web services
•    Offering REST-based services using XML_Serializer

Chapter 5 covers PEAR's date and time functions using the PEAR::Calendar and PEAR::Date packages such as:

•    Creating, manipulating, and comparing Date objects
•    Data_Span arithmetic
•    Handling timezones with Date_Timezone
•    Keeping track of public holidays with Date_Holiday
•    Using the Calendar class to display an HTML calendar

In Detail

PEAR is the PHP Extension and Application Repository, and is a framework and distribution system for reusable, high-quality PHP components, available in the form of "packages".

In this book, you will learn how to use a number of the most powerful PEAR packages available to boost your PHP development productivity. By focusing on these packages for key development activities, this book is an in-depth guide to getting the most from these powerful coding resources.

You will become a master of various PEAR packages that help you with the essential tasks of PHP development such as:

•    Accessing databases with MDB2
•    Displaying data in a range of formats (HTML, Excel spreadsheet, PDF)
•    Creating and parsing XML documents
•    Serializing PHP objects into XML, and unserializing XML documents to PHP objects
•    Consuming and offering web services
•    Accessing Web APIs including Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and Technorati


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