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PHP and Web 2.0 Application Interfaces

Sridhar Rao

Build powerful interactive AJAX applications with and PHP
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Book Details

ISBN 139781847194046
Paperback264 pages

About This Book

  • Get started quickly with library with as little as one line of code
  • Explore Prototype library features, tutorials, code, and examples
  • Learn' In-place Editing, Auto Completion, Sliders, Drag-and-Drop, Effects, and Multimedia
  • A book with less jargon, and more code explanation for building real-world examples —Tadalist clone, Digg and Delicious clones, clone

Who This Book Is For

This book is for web developers who build simple yet agile and useful web applications. It is useful for PHP beginners and assumes basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. The examples in the book use PHP, but can be adapted easily to other languages.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: About
Welcome to the world
The fun begins
Much more fun
Chapter 2: Exploring Client-side Techniques with Prototype
About Prototype
Prototype features − a walk-through
Event handling
Redefining forms with Prototype
Getting more hands-on
Chapter 3: Server-side Techniques with PHP and MySQL
Basic requirements
Getting the playground ready
Hands-on examples: Common scripts
Chapter 4: Adding Effects and Multimedia to User Interface Design
Introduction to effects
Types of effects
Hands-on examples
Playing sounds with
Chapter 5: AJAX Drag and Drop Feature using
Introduction to the drag and drop feature
Explanation of the drag and drop feature
Code usage of the drag and drop feature
Hands-on example: Creating a drag and drop sample in one line of code
Hands-on example: Advanced drag and drop tutorial
Chapter 6: In-place Editing using
An introduction to the in-place editing feature
Getting started with in-place editing
Code usage of the in-place editing features and options
Chapter 7: Creating Autocompletion using
Introduction to autocompletion
Explanation of the autocompletion feature
Code usage of autocompletion using remote sources
Code usage of autocompletion using local sources
Hands-on example: Autocompletion using remote sources
Hands-on example: Advanced autocompletion using remote sources for multiple fields
Hands-on example: Autocompletion using local sources
Chapter 8: Slider for Dynamic Applications using
First steps with slider
Code usage for the slider
Tips and tricks with the slider
Hands-on example: Using vertical and horizontal slider
Chapter 9: in One Go
Hands-on example: Multiple features mash up
Hands-on example: Quick revision of all the features of in one page
Chapter 10: Todonow: A Tadalist Clone
The BIG picture
Features and functionality
Creating a database playground
Let's log in...
User interface comes first
View all my lists
View all my lists along with a summary of incomplete items
Creating new lists
Adding items to our lists
Adding effects to our items
Mark items as completed
Convert completed items to incomplete status
Deleting lists
Let's wrap up and log out
Our Todonow is ready to go live
Chapter 11: Creating Delicious and Digg Bookmarks Manager
Application at a glance
Features and functionality
The database playground for our application
User profile home page
Submit new tutorials
View tutorial
Deleting tutorials
Search using real-time autocompletion
Exploring the tag cloud features of 2.0 applications
Don't forget to log out
Ideas for life
Chapter 12: Creating a Shopping Search Engine
Application at a glance
Features and functionalities
The user management system
Selecting the products to buy
Adding effects
Searching products
Searching products using the tag cloud
Chapter 13: Common 43: 43 Things, 43 Places, and 43 People Clones
Getting the database ready
Advanced commenting system
Modules ready to go live
Adding 2.0 flavour to applications
Putting the building blocks together

What You Will Learn

  • Discover the library with the help of real-world case studies
  • Explore wonderful Prototype library features like DOM, AJAX, and event handling
  • Unleash the server-side techniques using wonderful PHP and MySQL
  • Add wonderful Multimedia effects like morph, highlight, fade, and MP3 sounds
  • Get to grips with AJAX using Drag and Drop feature
  • Learn the tips, tricks and applications of the InPlaceEditor and InPlaceCollection Editor with just a few lines of code
  • Explore all the striking features of including Sliders, Auto-Completion, Multimedia, and so on
  • Implement some of the exciting features of Prototype and to create a ready-to-go-live project
  • Create a mash-up of Delicious and Digg applications and experience a new shopping search by integrating features of library to our web applications
  • Integrate modules to build clones for raw applications

In Detail is a JavaScript library that provides dynamic visual effects, user interface controls, and robust AJAX features. It is to client-side what PHP is to server-side – powerful, simple, complete fun, and above all, a MUST! As developers, we all dream of building applications that users can instantly fall in love with and get productive. Simple and niche applications are the future of web applications. when used with PHP as a server-side scripting language, can give us a new way of looking at things and changing the way we work. provides you with easy-to-use, cross-browser user interface JavaScript libraries to enhance your web sites and web applications. It provides dynamic visual effects, user interface controls, and robust AJAX features. This book covers all aspects for a developer to learn and master the art of using advanced JavaScript also referred to as 2.0 aspects in PHP web applications. is an effective and powerful add-on to the Prototype library and when combined with PHP, it can make a lot of difference. The difference every developer dreams of.

This book has been written keeping in view every basic step as well as covering the most complex aspects while writing our applications — from simple effects, to the AJAX way of communicating through systems in applications. It gives you a completely new way of adding interactivity to your web applications. You will learn how provides interactivity and beauty to your project so that it engages users and appeals to the masses.

Faster, more efficient, and more productive applications are what we are trying to build. Each chapter of this book has been hand-crafted to make sure that you as a developer can learn and master the art of making beautiful applications.

The book covers all the various aspects of with a few real-world clone projects, which will surely help you explore your creative side.

The aim of this book is to make you go "WOW"!


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