PHP 7 Simplified

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  • Set up your development environment with ease
  • The basics of programming such as arrays, conditionals, and loops in PHP 7
  • Advanced programming concepts such as high performance, functional programming, and object-oriented programming
  • Get to grips with backend development and find out how to optimize session handling
  • Build scalable websites
  • Find out how to build a RESTful web service
  • Build real-world applications such as a user profile system, simple shopping cart, and social newsletter system
  • Improve web security, test and debug your code, and get to know the best practices

PHP 7 is a popular choice for web-based application development. It is lightweight, no-frills, and powerful. In a nutshell, PHP 7 lets us address the common requirements of current and future web and mobile application development.

We’ll start off by getting the basics right. Once your foundational knowledge is established, we’ll put it to practical use by working on a small example application. Then, we’ll move on to learning advanced programming methodologies such as high performance programming, functional programming, and object-oriented programming. The course is structured to ensure that you’re learning about all the industry-standards along the way.

Midway through, we’ll learn how to interact with a database. Having done that, you’ll be equipped to build even more complex applications.

We are not done yet. This course wouldn’t be complete without us learning how to implement software design patterns, improve web security, and perform testing and debugging.

The goal of this course is make you a PHP 7 developer.

Style and Approach:

This course follows a step-by-step approach taking you through the basics to advanced level, equipping you with the skills to be proficient at developing applications with PHP 7.

This course is a blend of text, videos, code examples, and assessments, all packaged up keeping your journey in mind. The curator of this course has combined some of the best that Packt has to offer in one complete package. It includes content from the following Packt products:

Note: This interactive EPUB adheres to the latest specification, and requires that your reader supports video and interactive content. We recommend using Readium with the latest stable version of Google Chrome, or iBooks for OSX.

  • Get your basics of PHP 7 right
  • Know how to interact with databases
  • Develop complex applications
  • Learn how to improve web security, and perform testing and debugging
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ISBN 9781787280625
Date Of Publication 21 Feb 2017


Doug Bierer

Doug Bierer is the owner and CTO of unlikelysource, a website development and consulting company that over the last 10 years has developed 60+ websites for customers around the world. In addition, Doug has been a contract trainer for RogueWave Software/Zend Technologies since 2009. He wrote his first program in 1971 on a PDP-8, and has developed commercial applications in languages including Assembler, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Perl, and PHP. He developed a video series on MongoDB for InfiniteSkills (now part of O'Reilly Media) in 2014. Before diving into MongoDB, Doug developed applications and performed administration for MySQL databases. He has continued to develop applications that access MongDB to this day

Jose Palala

Jose Palala has been working professionally with PHP for at least 8 years. He has experience working with PHP frameworks such as Eden PHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel and Zend.

He has worked for Philippine-based IT companies for at least 8 years, working on projects ranging from internal corporate systems and CMS websites. In his spare time, he regularly contributes back to the tech community in the Philippines.

Martin Holzke

Martin Holzke’s programming career started while studying Physics in the late 1980’s when he took on an offer to learn to program at Philips instead of the more common student jobs. Once graduated, he started his own business developing applications and systems as a freelance IT Consultant which he does to this day. His 25+ years’ journey continues to take him through a vast array of technologies, methodologies and languages like OOP, UML, C++, .NET, ADF, PHP, Zend, Oracle and SQL to name just a few.

Nicola Pietroluongo

Nicola Pietroluongo is a software engineer with many years of experience.

His development background covers over a decade of working in a wide area of development stack building web applications for big companies across Europe. He is passionate about experimenting new technologies and is currently creating and contributing to interesting open source projects (Github:

Furthermore, he is an article writer for blogs and magazines and a conference speaker. Twitter: @niklongstone