PHP has, for a long time, been one of the defining languages of web development. So, if you want to understand the web in detail, learning PHP development is well worth your time.

Learn PHP with Packt’s range of PHP eBooks and videos. Whatever you want to build, and wherever you’re most comfortable across the application stack, PHP web development will give you a solid foundation to explore and advance.

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  1. 2 hours 39 minutes
    PHP Fundamentals 2019 [Video]
    April 2019
    Learn server-side development with PHP
  2. 1 hour 53 minutes
    Building RESTful API with Laravel [Video]
    November 2018
    Learn to build RESTful APIs to make your web services expressive and powerful
  3. 1 hour 31 minutes
    An Infinite Scroll Project Using AJAX, MySQL, API, PHP, and JQuery [Video]
    September 2018
    Explore how to create a web application that sends requests to the server for additional data as users scroll the page
  4. tbc
    Wordpress for Web Development [Video]
    June 2018
    Develop serious websites with Wordpress
  5. 2 hours 5 minutes
    Moodle Recipes [Video]
    February 2018
    Use Moodle resources to the fullest by embedding social networks and working with online live resources for communication
  6. 5 hours 55 minutes
    PHP CodeIgniter for Absolute Beginners [Video]
    February 2018
    Master the MVC Code Igniter framework from scratch
  7. 4 hours 52 minutes
    Intermediate Laravel: Adding Popular Features to Our Apps [Video]
    January 2018
    Build stunning applications with Laravel and add more advanced features to your applications
  8. 3 hours 32 minutes
    Building PHP RESTful Web Services [Video]
    December 2017
    Learn to structure RESTful web services with Silex
  9. 2 hours 51 minutes
    Laravel - Architect YouTube-Like Platforms [Integrated Course]
    December 2017
    Replicate the hugely popular YouTube platform using Laravel
  10. 4 hours 54 minutes
    Mastering Drupal 8 Development [Video]
    November 2017
    Build a fully featured, multilingual, responsive web application with Drupal 8
  11. 16 hours 16 minutes
    Learn To Create WordPress Themes By Building 10 Projects [Video]
    July 2017
    Master the fundamentals of WordPress theme development and create attractive WordPress themes from scratch
  12. 3 hours 14 minutes
    Getting to Grips with WooCommerce in WordPress [Video]
    June 2017
    Learn how to set up an ecommerce store and sell products with WooCommerce
  13. 3 hours 31 minutes
    PHP Specialist (2017 Edition) [Video]
    May 2017
    Earn a professional credential while learning back-end coding with PHP and mySQLKey
  14. 1 hour and 57 minutes
    Moodle for Beginners [Video]
    April 2017
    Design and upload resources and activities in the Moodle course
  15. 3 hours 21 minutes
    Beginning Laravel [Video]
    March 2017
    Get to grips with Laravel Framework and write beautiful, expressive PHP code

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