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Object-Oriented JavaScript - Second Edition

Stoyan Stefanov, Kumar Chetan Sharma

If you’ve limited or no experience with JavaScript, this book will put you on the road to being an expert. A wonderfully compiled introduction to objects in JavaScript, it teaches through examples and practical play.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849693127
Paperback382 pages

About This Book

  • Think in JavaScript
  • Make object-oriented programming accessible and understandable to web developers
  • Apply design patterns to solve JavaScript coding problems
  • Learn coding patterns that unleash the unique power of the language
  • Write better and more maintainable JavaScript code
  • Type in and play around with examples that can be used in your own scripts

Who This Book Is For

For new to intermediate JavaScript developer who wants to prepare themselves for web development problems solved by smart JavaScript!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Object-oriented JavaScript
A bit of history
ECMAScript 5
Object-oriented programming
OOP summary
Setting up your training environment
Chapter 2: Primitive Data Types, Arrays, Loops, and Conditions
Primitive data types
Logical operators
Primitive data types recap
Conditions and loops
Code blocks
Chapter 3: Functions
What is a function?
Scope of variables
Functions are data
Chapter 4: Objects
From arrays to objects
Built-in objects
Chapter 5: Prototype
The prototype property
Using the prototype's methods and properties
Augmenting built-in objects
Chapter 6: Inheritance
Prototype chaining
Inheriting the prototype only
Uber – access to the parent from a child object
Isolating the inheritance part into a function
Copying properties
Heads-up when copying by reference
Objects inherit from objects
Deep copy
Using a mix of prototypal inheritance and copying properties
Multiple inheritance
Parasitic inheritance
Borrowing a constructor
Case study – drawing shapes
Chapter 7: The Browser Environment
Including JavaScript in an HTML page
BOM and DOM – an overview
Chapter 8: Coding and Design Patterns
Coding patterns
Design patterns

What You Will Learn

  • The basics of object-oriented programming, and how to apply it in the JavaScript environment
  • How to set up and use your training environment (Firebug)
  • In depth discussion of data types, operators, and flow control statements in JavaScript
  • In depth discussion of functions, function usage patterns, and variable scope
  • Understand how prototypes work
  • Reuse code with common patterns for inheritance
  • Make your programs cleaner, faster and compatible with other programs and libraries
  • Use object-oriented JavaScript for improving script performance
  • Achieve missing object-oriented features in JavaScript

In Detail

JavaScript is the behavior, the third pillar in today's paradigm that looks at web pages as something that consists of clearly distinguishable parts: content (HTML), presentation (CSS) and behavior (JavaScript). Using JavaScript, you can create not only web pages but also desktop widgets, browser and application extensions, and other pieces of software. It's a pretty good deal: you learn one language and then code all kinds of different applications. While there's one chapter specifically dedicated to the web browser environment including DOM, Events and AJAX tutorials, the rest is applicable to the other environments

Many web developers have tried coding or adopting some bits of JavaScript, but it is time to "man up" and learn the language properly because it is the language of the browser and is, virtually, everywhere. This book starts from zero, not assuming any prior JavaScript programming knowledge and takes you through all the in-depth and exciting futures hidden behind the facade.

Once listed in the "nice to have" sections of job postings, these days the knowledge of JavaScript is a deciding factor when it comes to hiring web developers. After reading this book you'll be prepared to ace your JavaScript job interview and even impress with some bits that the interviewer maybe didn't know. You should read this book if you want to be able to take your JavaScript skills to a new level of sophistication.


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