Node.js High Performance

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  • Develop applications using well-defined and well-tested development patterns
  • Explore memory management and garbage collection to improve performance
  • Monitor memory changes and analyze heap snapshots
  • Profile the CPU and improve your code to avoid patterns that force intensive processor usage
  • Understand the importance of data and when you should cache information
  • Learn to to always test your code and benchmark when needed
  • Extend your application's scope and know what other elements can influence performance

Node.js is a tool written in C, which allows you to use JavaScript on the server-side. High performance on a platform like Node.js is knowing how to take advantage of every aspect of your hardware, helping memory management act at its best, and correctly deciding how to architect a complex application. Do not panic if your applications start consuming a lot of memory; instead spot the leak and solve it fast with Node.js by monitoring and stopping it before it becomes an issue.

This book will provide you with the skills you need to analyze the performance of your application and monitor the aspects that can and should be. Starting with performance analysis concepts and their importance in helping Node.js developers eliminate performance bottlenecks, this book will take you through development patterns to avoid performance penalties. You will learn the importance of garbage collection and its behaviour,and discover how to profile your processor, allowing better performance and scalability.

You will then learn about the different types of data storage methods. Moving on, you will get to grips with testing and benchmarking applications to avoid unknown application test zones. Lastly, you will explore the limits that external components can impose in your application in the form of bottlenecks.

By following the examples in each chapter, you will discover tips to getting better performing applications by avoiding anti-patterns and stretching the limits of your environment as much as possible.

  • Analyze, benchmark, and profile your Node.js application to find slow spots, and push it to the limit by eliminating performance bottlenecks
  • Learn the basis of performance analysis using Node.js
  • Explore the high performance capabilities of Node.js, along with best practices
Page Count 136
Course Length 4 hours 4 minutes
ISBN 9781785286148
Date Of Publication 18 Aug 2015


Diogo Resende

Diogo Resende is a developer with more than 15 years of experience, working with Node.js almost from the beginning. His computer education and experience in many industries and telecommunication projects have given him a wider background knowledge of other architecture components that influence the overall performance.