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  • Bringing web pages to life using animation
  • Boosting the responsiveness of your web applications using AJAX with MooTools
  • Building a web form dynamically responsive to a multitude of browser events
  • The basics core functions of MooTools and how they work
  • Creating your own versatile plug-ins that can be customized to fit your own personal requirements
  • How to rapidly build a quick and easy web application using the power of MooTools

MooTools is a simple-to-use JavaScript library, ideal for people with basic JavaScript skills who want to elevate their web applications to a superior level. If you're a newcomer to MooTools looking to build dynamic, rich, and user-interactive web site applications this beginner's guide with its easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions is all you need to rapidly get to grips with MooTools.

  • Learn how to build super-charged web forms
  • Learn how to write powerful and flexible cross-browser code
  • Make your web applications more dynamic and user-interactive with AJAX
  • Packed with examples that will show you step by step the most important aspects of getting started with MooTools
Page Count 280
Course Length 8 hours 24 minutes
ISBN 9781847194589
Date Of Publication 27 Dec 2009


Jacob Gube

Jacob Gube is a massive MooTools developer. He is the Founder and Chief Editor of Six Revisions, a website dedicated to web developers and web designers. He's also written for other popular web publications such as Read Write Web and Smashing Magazine discussing web technologies and development. A web professional for 8 years, Jacob is an in-house web developer specializing in distance-learning education and web accessibility, using PHP, MooTools, and jQuery to get the job done.

Garrick Cheung

Garrick Cheung is a designer-developer and a member of the official Mootools Community team. He's currently a Senior Technical Producer for CBS Interactive developing for sites such as, and He's passionate about code optimization and loves to teach and develop in MooTools. Garrick also writes about code and development at his site,