Moodle Administration Essentials

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  • Manage user accounts, authenticate users, and control user permissions with roles
  • Enhance your Moodle site with plugins such as activity modules, admin reports, admin tools, and more
  • Brand your Moodle site with configured themes
  • Set up the structure of your site using categories in Moodle
  • Prepare your site for end-of-year rollover
  • Install Moodle on a Linux Server
  • Monitor the usage and performance of your Moodle site

This book begins with a brief look at Moodle's background and an examination of its architectural structure and LAMP architecture.

You'll learn to create user accounts and understand the methods of authentication based on manual accounts and e-mail-based self-registrations. You'll then develop the Moodle site structure and course set up, and discover how to edit it through a sample faculty site. Next, you'll configure two of the standard themes in Moodle and apply them to organizational branding. You'll also explore how plugins are configured and installed, and learn about backing up, resetting, and restoring Moodle courses.

Finally, you'll learn Moodle's security options, along with performance testing, and how to use the built-in Moodle performance testing script.

  • Authorize and authenticate your Moodle site and learn about permissions and security
  • Brand your Moodle site and manage users, roles, files, and courses
  • Enhance your Moodle site to increase productivity
Page Count 156
Course Length 4 hours 40 minutes
ISBN 9781784395476
Date Of Publication 22 Jul 2015


Gavin Henrick

Gavin Henrick has worked with Moodle in business, learning, and development since 2007. Initially, he worked with Moodle partners in Ireland and Canada, USA, UK, where he gained valuable experience, and in 2011, he started his own consulting firm—Learning Technology Services.


Through the new company, Gavin currently works on supporting organizations with e-learning projects, including Moodle rollouts, hosting and support tenders, Moodle upgrade strategies and processes, and training and best practice workshops.


He is a regular speaker at a number of Moodlemoots and conferences and has organized the UK and Ireland Moodlemoot since 2012.


Gavin recently published the book Moodle Add-ons with Michael de Raadt, then the development manager at Moodle HQ. The book provides advice to evaluate add-ons and also helps you identify some great add-ons that will enrich specific aspects of your platform.


He also co-authored the book Moodle 2.0 for Business Beginner's Guide with Jason Cole and Jeanne Cole. The book included the key areas that businesses would address in Moodle deployments and included case studies of different implementations.


Gavin has published a number of white papers on Moodle 2 Repositories and Moodle 2 Themes.

Karen Holland

Karen Holland has worked in the programming and technology industry for over 12 years using a range of technologies and languages, including C++, Bash, PHP, CSS, jQuery, XML, SOAP, Git, Symphony, and a number of databases. She has worked as a senior software developer for Learning Technology Services (LTS) for the last 18 months, focusing on the development and implementation of Moodle projects. She has designed and developed plugins and integrations for Moodle and has worked on documenting processes and procedures for use by LTS clients as learning materials.


Karen holds a master's in computer science (NL) from University College Dublin. She also holds a post graduate diploma in multimedia and web authoring and a Joint Education Board (JEB) IT Trainer diploma.


Karen recently presented a Pecha Kucha on Moodle Administration Tips at the UK/Ireland Moodlemoot in Dublin. She also enjoys singing with the Culwick Choral Society and is an avid tennis and rugby fan!