Modern Golang Programming [Video]

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  • Get a practical overview of the Go language
  • Explore popular SQL databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite
  • Learn about the GORM ORM layer
  • Build Go applications that can work with Mongodb 
  • Learn the concepts of time series databases with InfluxDB
  • Learn protocol buffers version 2 and 3
  • Explore gRPC support in Go
  • Dive into the Gorilla web toolkit, REST APIs, Gorilla websockets, and Gorilla cookies
  • Understand the Hero templating engine

Go is the language of the Internet age, because it was built from the ground up to support modern distributed web software. Go is also cross-platform as it compiles to numerous operating systems and CPU architectures via simple commands. It compiles to native binaries, it doesn't use a VM, and is garbage-collected, which makes it a breeze to deploy in production environments.

Throughout the course, we will use modern open source third party packages in Go to build a distributed application that will support several databases, establish efficient serial communications techniques, and construct an advanced web layer with templates, cookies, and websockets support.

We will start with a refresher on Go's primary building blocks. From there, we will explore numerous open source packages that allow working with a variety of databases in a production environment as well as an ORM layer. We will then explore building reliable and robust microservices that communicate efficiently with each other via fast serialization and RPC techniques. Finally, we will develop knowledge on powerful third party templating engines and web toolkits, to construct a modern web layer with a RESTful API.

Style and Approach

You will learn a real-world approach to Go programming that covers everything needed to create stunning applications in Go

  • Master Go's support for several popular databases in depth
  • Building RESTful APIs and microservices
  • Effective communication between microservices using several serialization protocols
Course Length 14 hours 37 minutes
ISBN 9781787125254
Date Of Publication 22 Jun 2017


Mina Andrawos

Mina Andrawos is an experienced engineer who has acquired deep experience in Go from using it personally and professionally. He regularly authors articles and tutorials about the language, and also shares Go's open source projects. He has written numerous Go applications with varying degrees of complexity. Other than Go, he has skills in Java, C#, Python, and C++. Besides software development, he has working experience of scrum mastering, sales engineering, and software product management.