Mobile Web Performance Optimization

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  • Learn the three pillars of mobile performance
  • Find out how to ask – and answer – crucial design questions such as ‘mobile or responsive?’
  • Learn how to minify CSS and JavaScript for improved performance
  • Monitor and debug your website with the leading browser testing tools
  • Explore the impact of caching on performance – and improve it using JavaScript and CSS frameworks
  • Make third-party plugins your friend – avoid common issues and pitfalls

With users increasingly accessing the web on mobile devices, it’s crucial to make sure your website is built to seamlessly fit this radical change in user behavior. Mobile Web Performance Optimization is designed to help you do exactly that – it’s been created to help you build fast, and mobile-user-friendly websites and applications. Featuring guidance through a range of techniques and tools essential to modern mobile development, this accessible guide will make sure you’re delivering a seamless and intuitive experience for your website’s users.

Begin by exploring the fundamental components of mobile web design and website optimization, before learning how to put the concepts into practice. Featuring cross-platform solutions, insights on developing lightweight yet robust UI, and insights on how to successfully manage data, this application development book takes you through every stage in the development process – so you can be confident that you’re asking the right questions and using the best tools in the most effective way.

By the end, you’ll understand implicitly what it means to ‘build for performance’- you’ll be a more confident developer, capable of building projects that adapt to a changing world.

  • Optimize your website or application for an improved mobile performance
  • Learn how to create lightweight, intuitive mobile UI and make sure it's supported by a robust application architecture
  • Find out how to improve the performance of your applications by asking the right design questions at each stage in the development workflow
Page Count 150
Course Length 4 hours 30 minutes
ISBN 9781785289972
Date Of Publication 28 Dec 2015


S. S. Niranga

S. S. Niranga is a senior tech lead at Netstarter Pvt Ltd, and he has more than 9 years of experience as a software engineer and a web developer. During this period, he has built more than 300 websites including numerous e-commerce websites, such as JAX Tyres, ActiveSkin, Athlete foots, JVC, Pegasus, and the world's first Magento 2 website, Venroy. Also, he is an active developer on Upwork as well.

Niranga is a certified Magento frontend developer, a Microsoft technical specialist, and a scrum master. Currently, he is pursuing a master's degree in IT at the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology.

Niranga has done a few Tech Talk sessions regarding web optimization and e-commerce. This is his first effort as an author.