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Mobile First Bootstrap

Alexandre Magno

If you know the basics of Bootstrap this book will show you how to use it for websites that start from a mobile perspective. Create sites that are user-friendly for all mobile devices.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783285792
Paperback92 pages

About This Book

  • Get to grips with the essentials of mobile-first development with Bootstrap
  • Understand the entire process of building a mobile-first website with Bootstrap from scratch
  • Packed with screenshots that help guide you through how to build an appealing website from a mobile-first perspective with the help of a real-world example

Who This Book Is For

This book is for anyone who wants to get acquainted with the new features available in Bootstrap 3 and who wants to develop websites with the mobile-first feature of Bootstrap. The reader should have a basic knowledge of Bootstrap as a frontend framework.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Bootstrap 3.0 is Mobile First
Bootstrap reviewed
Desktop to responsive
The new mindset – Mobile First
Practical example – The responsive dropdown
Now Bootstrap uses Bower and Jekyll
Running the docs
Making changes in the Bootstrap source code
Chapter 2: Designing Stylesheet in Bootstrap 3
The grid system
Forms in different resolutions
The icon library
Responsive utilities
Relative units
Chapter 3: JavaScript, the Behavior in Mobile First Development
The carousel example
Data attributes
Mobile First and progressive enhancements
Unobtrusive JavaScript
Follow the Bootstrap tips about accessibility
Namespace events
JavaScript on the server
Chapter 4: Getting it All Together –a Simple Twitter App
Bootstrapping our application
The Bootstrap modal component example
The Twitter API search
Going from a tablet device to desktop screen resolution
The choice between a web app and mobile application
Chapter 5: Performance Matters
Responsive images
Load on demand
Optimizing icons

What You Will Learn

  • Develop websites using the mobile-first approach
  • Use the new Bootstrap grid system
  • Develop a mobile-first website from scratch with the help of a practical example of a live website
  • Deal with responsive design performance issues
  • Use Bootstrap as a kick-start framework to develop your websites for mobile, tablets, and desktop
  • Learn the best design decisions to make your frontend scalable for any device

In Detail

Bootstrap changes the way we develop websites in the frontend, and mobile web development has grown incredibly over the past few years. There are over 1.2 billion mobile web users in the world, and 25% of those mobile web users are exclusively mobile. Now, Bootstrap has also gone mobile-first. The mobile-first version of Bootstrap lets you first think about the mobile site and then think about how it expands to larger screens. To build websites for mobile devices that improve the overall experience of your customers, you need to be skilled at using the mobile-first feature of Bootstrap.

Mobile First Bootstrap covers the new features in Bootstrap 3 and focuses on how they affect development from a mobile-first perspective. It will show you how to use Bootstrap 3 for developing websites for mobile and how to use that knowledge for your own development projects.

The book starts by highlighting the new changes that have been made to Bootstrap 3. After learning about these new features, you will discover how to easily build websites for mobile. You will learn how to run Bootstrap 3 Docs to customize Bootstrap for your needs. You will then be introduced to the new mobile grid system, the responsive utilities, and how to use mobile-first for navigation. Then, using JavaScript, you will explore the power of data attributes and progressive enhancement before starting to develop a web project from scratch. The last section of the book will discuss the main issues that affect the performance of Bootstrap as well as the issues that arise while dealing with responsive images.

Mobile First Bootstrap guides you through everything you need to know about Bootstrap 3 and helps you to understand and use the mobile-first approach in your own projects with the help of an example project.


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