Migrating to Angular 2 [Video]

More Information
  • Familiarize yourself with Angular 2’s new syntax and its change detection mechanism
  • Plan and migrate code incrementally and avoid bulk migration
  • Use the ng-upgrade library to facilitate the migration process
  • Understand how to work with the new component router
  • Switch and upgrade services, directives and forms to their Angular 2 equivalents
  • Introduce yourself to ECMAScript 6 and start incorporating TypeScript classes
  • Follow best practices recommended by the Angular core team for migrating projects.

Angular 2 is a technical and conceptual overhaul of its hugely popular predecessor, AngularJS. This means that for developers who have built and maintained applications with AngularJS, and need to transition projects across to Angular 2, there needs to be an effective plan of action. Implementing a migration path for projects has been a major talking point in itself leading up to the release of Angular 2, and a critical concern for developer teams transitioning code across to take advantage of the new framework. 

This course demonstrates how to apply an effective migration plan for transitioning Angular 1.x projects to Angular 2. Opening with an introduction to the major changes and additions brought by the new framework, we quickly scope out a plan to a migrate a sample weather application from its original Angular 1.x code base.

We then explain how to migrate blocks of code incrementally, as opposed to porting code in bulk, and give you a brief introduction to Typescript and ECMAScript 6. Throughout we’ll show you how to gradually deprecate $scope, upgrade services, work with the component router, transition forms, and more.

By completion of this course, you will be rapidly up to speed with the fundamental building blocks of Angular 2 development, and fully capable (and confident) transitioning existing Angular 1.x projects to the new environment, ready to explore everything the new Angular has to offer. 

Style and Approach

This course is focused and practical, and demonstrates how to migrate an example application from Angular 1.x to Angular 2. For developers who want real world advice on how to upgrade Angular projects this delivers tangible examples with best practices approved by the Angular core team, in a fast, digestible way. 

  • Migrate an application built with Angular 1.x to Angular 2
  • Learn about the major syntactical and conceptual changes of Angular 2 
  • Future proof migrated applications with best practices prescribed by the Angular team
Course Length 1 hour 26 minutes
ISBN 9781785885907
Date Of Publication 29 Mar 2016


Alain Chautard

Alain Chautard started using Angular in 2011, back when it was a very young technology that wasn’t widely used yet. He has used Angular JS on a daily basis since then. He also teaches Angular JS in California, where he is the organizer (and main speaker) of an Angular JS meetup group.

Alain is an expert Angular JS consultant at Interstate 21, where he develops beautiful web applications for clients located all over the world.