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Microsoft Silverlight 5: Building Rich Enterprise Dashboards

Todd Snyder, Joel Eden, PhD, Jeffrey Smith, Matthew Duffield

Create, customize and design rich enterprise dashboards with Microsoft Silverlight 5 with this book and eBook
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849682343
Paperback288 pages

About This Book

  • With this book and e-book, learn how to create, customize and design rich enterprise dashboards with Silverlight
  • Move from scenarios to requirements by applying user-centered design best practices
  • Discover the tips, tricks and hands on experience to create, customize and design rich enterprise dashboards with Silverlight from a distinguished team of User Experience and Development authors

Who This Book Is For

If you are a .Net developer who wants to create, customize and design rich enterprise dashboards with Silverlight, then this book is for you. You should have an intermediate understanding of .Net development, with a working knowledge of Microsoft Silverlight.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Silverlight Technology
What benefit does Silverlight bring to the table?
Client-side application development
Reduced server load
Client-side state
Cross-browser development simplified
Putting the pieces together
Chapter 2: Overview of Dashboards and Silverlight
What are dashboards
Purpose of dashboards
Problems dashboards solve
Current state of building dashboards
When good just isn't good enough
Why should we use Silverlight?
Chapter 3: Silverlight Design and Development Tools
Blend strengths and weaknesses
Visual Studio strengths and weaknesses
Visual Studio
Chapter 4: Building a Basic Dashboard
Creating a Silverlight Dashboard Application
What is the MVVM pattern
Building the Dashboard
Customizing the UI
Chapter 5: Dashboard Types and User Needs
Different dashboards for different needs
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly—typical dashboard charts and graphs
Focusing on needs, not technology
Scenario-based requirements and design
Chapter 6: Designing for Insight
Interaction aesthetics versus visual aesthetics
Scenario-based design of our dashboard
Chapter 7: Designing your Dashboard
Knowing your tools
Styling in Silverlight
Getting started with styling our Dashboard
Chapter 8: Building an End-to-End Solution
Dashboard prerequisites
Dashboard requirements
Designing the solution
Setting up the Data Source
Building the server components
Defining the presentation layer
Chapter 9: Data Access Strategies
Data access overview
Understanding network security
Building services with Windows Communication Foundation
Exploring OData data services
Chapter 10: Building Dashboards in SharePoint and Silverlight
Overview of SharePoint
Building a Silverlight web part
Building a SharePoint Silverlight dashboard
SharePoint Data Access Strategies

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to create custom user controls, reference resources, and edit basic control templates
  • Build an end-to-end dashboard solution
  • Learn how to use Microsoft Expression Blend to style a dashboard
  • Explore the different types of dashboards, and learn how to choose the most appropriate dashboard type based on your project goals
  • Discover and represent user needs and scenarios as a basis for dashboard design, using user experience best practices
  • Understand how to determine between the different data access strategies (SOAP, REST, and OData)
  • Host and use Silverlight WebParts and the SharePoint Client Object Model

In Detail

Microsoft Silverlight is a powerful development platform for creating rich media applications and line of business applications for the web and desktop. Silverlight enables you to create, customize and design rich enterprise dashboards that highlight Key Performance Indicators for your business.

Microsoft Silverlight 5: Building Rich Enterprise Dashboards is a concise and practical tutorial that shows you how to create, customize and design rich enterprise dashboards with Silverlight.

This book provides real world user experience design topics and starts by providing an overview of the Silverlight Platform and the clear advantages it provides for building dashboards. The book then dives into topics such as Silverlight design and development tools, building a basic Dashboard, Dashboard types and user needs, Designing for Insight, Styling, Building an End to End Dashboard Solution and Data Access Strategies amongst others.


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