Meteor Cookbook

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  • Create and deploy user-friendly, touch-enabled web applications
  • Rapidly build robust, responsive user interfaces
  • Integrate any npm/Node package in minutes
  • Leverage isomorphic JavaScript to develop full-stack applications
  • Publish your own reusable custom packages
  • Quickly implement user accounts compatible with Facebook, Google, Twitter, and more
  • Convert external API streams into reactive, self-updating infographics
  • Secure and optimize your Mongo data collections

Meteor is an incredibly powerful, impossibly fun platform used to build modern, responsive web and mobile applications

Starting with simple recipes designed for quick reference, and culminating in advanced recipes that walk you through building and deploying a complete application, Meteor Cookbook covers all the major areas of Meteor development, including lesser-known and undocumented features. You will have instant access to step-by-step recipes, accompanied by clear, concise explanations on optimizing your workflow. Whether used as a learning resource or as a quick-reference guide, this book will surely earn a permanent spot on your development work desk!

  • Save time and effort while fully leveraging the entire Meteor technology stack
  • Quickly reference and implement the most powerful and useful features of one of the hottest and fastest growing JavaScript frameworks
  • Master cutting-edge techniques used by the experts to build elegant, robust applications
Page Count 364
Course Length 10 hours 55 minutes
ISBN 9781783280292
Date Of Publication 26 May 2015


Isaac Strack

Isaac Strack is a speaker, author, inventor, technologist, and a strong advocate of STEM education. With over 15 years of experience in Management Information Systems (MIS) and web/mobile technologies, he enjoys discovering and applying new technologies to make our lives more enjoyable and productive.

An early adopter of Meteor, Isaac is the author of Getting Started With Meteor.js JavaScript Framework, Packt Publishing, and the recently released video series Learning Meteor Application Development, Packt Publishing.

He currently serves on the board of directors for the Wasatch Institute of Technology (, one of Utah's newest and most innovative high schools, employing a project-based, agile teaching methodology known as Next Generation Education.

When he isn't poking around new JavaScript frameworks, advocating more and better STEM education in the state of Utah, or playing a mean game of mediocre middle-aged soccer, Isaac is at home with his amazing wife, Kirsten, and his four daughters, one of whom will most certainly rule the world (our money is on the youngest).