MediaWiki Administrators' Tutorial Guide

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  • Installing MediaWiki and getting started quickly
  • Using special pages and domains
  • Running multiple wikis from a single installation
  • Incorporating images, multimedia, and advanced formatting
  • Structuring your wiki from the start for easy navigation as it grows
  • Managing users and protecting pages from vandalism
  • Creating new MediaWiki templates

Run your own MediaWiki collaborative website with this fast-paced, friendly tutorial, which is full of information and advice for creating powerful MediaWiki sites, and filling them with varied and useful collaborative content. Whether you are creating a public wiki for completely open contributions, a private wiki for collaborating within your work team or group of friends, or even a wiki for personal use, this book will show you all the essential steps.

You will see the various ways of organizing and managing content, and preventing collaboration from getting out of control. You'll learn how to incorporate images and other media into your pages, as well as becoming a wiki markup wizard to produce intricately formatted pages with tables, lists, and more. On the technical side, the book covers how to administer users, back up and restore content safely, migrate your installation to another server or database, and even make hacks to the code.

MediaWiki is the free, open-source wiki engine software that powers Wikipedia and many of the other popular wikis across the Web. Written in PHP, it possesses many features that make it the engine of choice for large collaborative wikis: flexible markup, comprehensive user management, multimedia handling, and more.

  • Get your MediaWiki site up fast
  • Manage users, special pages, and more
  • Customize and extend your MediaWiki site
  • Create new, attractive MediaWiki themes
Page Count 284
Course Length 8 hours 31 minutes
ISBN 9781904811596
Date Of Publication 15 Mar 2007


Mizanur Rahman

Mizanur Rahman from Bangladesh is a Senior Software Engineer at Relisource Technologies). He loves to work with Java, PHP and other web-based technologies and is a moderator of PHPXperts, the largest PHP user group in Bangladesh