Mastering Your Web Application Using Functional Javascript [Video]

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  • Elevate yourself to a level of comfort writing production level functional apps.
  • Discover the simplicity of FP Types that can handle the most difficult application concerns
  • Never write null checks again
  • Handle Errors and Asynchronous logic using “Either” and “Future” Monads
  • Use “Future” Monad to write lazy asynchronous function chains
  • Use Observables to map, filter and reduce over asynchronous functions
  • Learn to use Google Firebase and add Real-Time NoSQL power to a web-app
  • Fetch an API, Transform the response, catch an error and render the results with succinct and easy to read code
  • Integrate professional functional code into JSX, React and Redux style web-apps
  • Get the run down on how to test functional programs

In this course, you will be comfortable using functional programming to handle asynchronous code (events and fetching APIs), error handling and writing clean functional code that can handle unknown values without becoming difficult to read.

To accomplish this, we’ll learn about building Type-classes, functional types that are used to specifically handle situations like this while keeping code looking familiar (an easy interface), pure and of very DRY.

We will build a Functor into a Monad piece by piece and do examples showing how each part is useful and how their simple API can almost magically handle so many difficult concerns without too much code. You’ll learn about Maybe, Either, Future and even Reactive Streams with Observables to write asynchronous code that looks more like synchronous FP.

Take this course if you already understand the fundamentals of Functional JavaScript. It is assumed that you know about closures, composition, higher-order functions like map, filter and reduce, currying, and that you are familiar with using basic Promises.

Style and Approach

This course moves quickly, touching upon the information you need to understand these advanced techniques without confusing the details. Videos move at a perfect pace from one topic to the next, interlaced with great examples and practical use cases

  • Solve complex problems every web-app developer faces
  • Create functional code using the latest JavaScript features
  • Use Functional JavaScript techniques and libraries such as Ramda/Fluture in your code
  • Bridge the gap towards using functional programming to solve complex issues in modern web-apps
  • Theory and practical application using Functional Type-classes
  • Work with Observables, Streams and Real-time data with Google Firebase
Course Length 3 hours 24 minutes
ISBN 9781788298254
Date Of Publication 28 Sep 2017


Michael Rosata

Michael Rosata is a professional JavaScript developer and the author of three courses on Functional JavaScript. He’s written multiple JavaScript applications for internal use at large companies. Michael is the founder of the Massachusetts Web Devs meetup. He has a great passion for learning, and teaching

You can find him answering questions in the Ramda gitter channel or at

I’d like to thank my family for giving me the opportunity to explore things I enjoy learning, and to the team at Packt Publishing, especially Sunny Kandre and Anish Dsouza for making this course possible.