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  • Understand the inner workings of the middleware system and build your own
  • Harness and customize middleware for your needs
  • Create RESTful APIs using Express
  • Optimize the performance and throughput of Express web applications
  • Gain an insight into avoiding repeatable code and improve developer productivity
  • Secure, debug, and error-handle your application in a live production environment
  • Improve code quality using existing tools

Prototyping an application is one thing, but making sure it's ready to launch is a whole different story. This book will enable you to create maintainable, high performance, and scalable web applications that will meet your production needs. From getting started to how to develop, hone, and protect your application with Express, this book gives you all the practical information you need to feel truly confident with the advanced features of Express.

The essential bits and pieces of the framework are explained at the beginning, for a better understanding of the strong points of the framework. From there, we'll take you through the development of an application, from using middleware and template engines to RESTful APIs. By the end, you will have mastered the patterns of reusable code and error handling, and will have learned about other important aspects such as debugging, monitoring, and security.

  • Create fast, secure and reliable production-ready web applications using Express
  • Packed with the latest techniques for tackling real world issues
  • Improve code quality and speed up development by using a variety of patterns and tools
  • You can download the updated code file from here
Page Count 358
Course Length 10 hours 44 minutes
ISBN 9781783981083
Date Of Publication 24 Sep 2014


Alexandru Vlăduțu

Alexandru Vlăduțu is a full-time JavaScript developer based in Bucharest, Romania. He started creating applications with PHP about 5 years ago, but after finding out about server-side JavaScript with Node.js, he has never had to switch technologies again. You may have seen him answering questions on Stack Overflow under the nickname alessioalex, where he is among the top three overall answerers for tags such as Node.js, Express, Mongoose, and Socket.IO. By day, he battles cross-browser compatibility issues, but by night, he brings together embedded databases, servers, and caching layers in single applications using the good parts of JavaScript. Apart from the geeky stuff, he enjoys spending time with his wife.