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Mastering Web Application Development with AngularJS

Peter Bacon Darwin, Pawel Kozlowski

Streamline your web applications with this hands-on course. From initial structuring to full deployment, you’ll learn everything you need to know about AngularJS DOM based frameworks.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781782161820
Paperback372 pages

About This Book

  • Make the most out of AngularJS by understanding the AngularJS philosophy and applying it to real-life development tasks
  • Effectively structure, write, test, and finally deploy your application
  • Add security and optimization features to your AngularJS applications
  • Harness the full power of AngularJS by creating your own directives
  • Full of solutions to real life problems, with clear explanations of the more sophisticated AngularJS concepts

Who This Book Is For

This book will be most useful to developers who are evaluating or have decided to use AngularJS for a real life project. You should have some prior exposure to AngularJS, at least through basic examples. We assume that you’ve got working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Angular Zen
Meet AngularJS
AngularJS crash course
AngularJS and the rest of the world
Chapter 2: Building and Testing
Introducing the sample application
Build system
Organizing files and folders
AngularJS modules and files
Automated testing
Chapter 3: Communicating with a Back-end Server
Making XHR and JSONP requests with $http
The promise API with $q
The promise API with $http
Communicating with RESTful endpoints
Using advanced features of $http
Testing code that interacts with $http
Chapter 4: Displaying and Formatting Data
Referencing directives
Displaying results of expression evaluation
Conditional display
Rendering collections with the ngRepeat directive
DOM event handlers
Working effectively with DOM-based templates
Handling model transformations with filters
Chapter 5: Creating Advanced Forms
Comparing traditional forms with AngularJS forms
Creating a User Information Form
Understanding the input directives
Looking inside ngModel data binding
Validating AngularJS forms
Nesting forms in other forms
Repeating subforms
Handling traditional HTML form submission
Resetting the User Info form
Chapter 6: Organizing Navigation
URLs in single-page web applications
Using the $location service
Using built-in AngularJS routing services
Limitations of the $route service
Routing-specific patterns, tips, and tricks
Chapter 7: Securing Your Application
Providing server-side authentication and authorization
Securing partial templates
Stopping malicious attacks
Adding client-side security support
Supporting authentication and authorization on the client
Preventing navigation to secure routes
Chapter 8: Building Your Own Directives
What are AngularJS directives?
Following the directive compilation life-cycle
Writing unit tests for directives
Defining a directive
Styling buttons with directives
Understanding AngularJS widget directives
Creating a custom validation directive
Creating an asynchronous model validator
Wrapping the jQueryUI datepicker directive
Chapter 9: Building Advanced Directives
Using transclusion
Creating and working with transclusion functions
Understanding directive controllers
Taking control of the compilation process
Chapter 10: Building AngularJS Web Applications for an International Audience
Using locale-specific symbols and settings
Handling translations
Patterns, tips, and tricks
Chapter 11: Writing Robust AngularJS Web Applications
Understanding the inner workings of AngularJS
Performance tuning – set expectations, measure, tune, and repeat
Performance tuning of AngularJS applications
Chapter 12: Packaging and Deploying AngularJS Web Applications
Improving network-related performance
Optimizing the landing page
Supported browsers

What You Will Learn

  • Use AngularJS DOM-based templating effectively and learn how it differs from other frameworks
  • Query and modify data in various backends and become proficient with the promise API
  • Quickly create complex forms, taking full advantage of the 2-way data binding
  • Introduce navigation in your web application by relaying on the HTML5 History API
  • Manage dependencies with the AngularJS module and the Dependency Injection systems
  • Localize your web application to prepare it for an international audience
  • Secure your web application from unauthorized users
  • Build a variety of AngularJS directives: widgets, validators, and wrapping 3rd party plugins
  • Gain a deep understanding of the AngularJS compiler to build even more sophisticated directives
  • Unit test AngularJS-specific JavaScript code using the Jasmine BDD testing framework
  • Structure your web application by organizing it into a meaningful and flexible directory structure

In Detail

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework. Its goal is to develop MVC-based web applications and reduce the amount of JavaScript needed to make web applications functional.

The book will take the reader through the workflow of building an AngularJS app.

Throughout the process of app creation, we will have a look at the different interaction points between design and development and the readers will learn how AngularJS helps both roles to build an application that works well, as well as how to create clean and maintainable front end markup and code.


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