Mastering Symfony

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  • Install and configure Symfony and required third-party bundles to develop a task management application
  • Set up a continuous integration server to orchestrate automatic builds every time you add a new feature to your project
  • Reduce maintenance costs dramatically using Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)
  • Create a slick user interface using the Bootstrap framework
  • Design robust business logic using Doctrine
  • Build a comprehensive dashboard and secure your project using the Sonata project
  • Improve performance using Redis, Memcache, and Varnish
  • Create customized Symfony commands and add them to your console

In this book, you will learn some lesser known aspects of development with Symfony, and you will see how to use Symfony as a framework to create reliable and effective applications. You might have developed some impressive PHP libraries in other projects, but what is the point when your library is tied to one particular project? With Symfony, you can turn your code into a service and reuse it in other projects.

This book starts with Symfony concepts such as bundles, routing, twig, doctrine, and more, taking you through the request/response life cycle. You will then proceed to set up development, test, and deployment environments in AWS. Then you will create reliable projects using Behat and Mink, and design business logic, cover authentication, and authorization steps in a security checking process. You will be walked through concepts such as DependencyInjection, service containers, and services, and go through steps to create customized commands for Symfony's console. Finally, the book covers performance optimization and the use of Varnish and Memcached in our project, and you are treated with the creation of database agnostic bundles and best practices.

  • Create a robust and reliable Symfony development pipeline using Amazon's cloud platform
  • Cut development and maintenance costs by defining crystal clear features and possible scenarios for each feature before implementation
  • Follow detailed examples provided in each chapter to create a task management application
Page Count 290
Course Length 8 hours 42 minutes
ISBN 9781784390310
Date Of Publication 25 Apr 2016


Sohail Salehi

Sohail Salehi is a veteran developer who recently decided to become a data scientist. He believes when you look at a programming challenge from a data scientist perspective, things started to change slightly and what used to be the ultimate solution, somehow morphs into a stepping stone for what really matters--data.

He won't lay down some tests and codes as soon as a programming challenge is handed to him, rather he has started to think WHY do we need to gather data, WHAT potential value is hidden inside this data and HOW to convert this potential into value that will make business thrive.

Although he has written a couple of other programming books before, The Sherlock Project is his first attempt to look at the programming challenge from a different perspective. This story is about discovering hidden values inside data and it is the project that he discusses in this book, Angular Services. In the past decade, he worked on some interesting projects with teams of bright developers. But challenges such as handling the traffic for a national newspaper website (NZ Herald) or creating a new game for Lotto (Lotto - 2nd Chance) are not attractive to him anymore. After he got his first certificate in Machine Learning from University of Washington, he decided to combine his development skills with new concepts that he is discovering in his new professional life and provide creative solutions for daily data-related challenges.

Technical concepts are not his only passion. He is an avid traveler and an adventurous surfer. Currently he lives in Bali, where the big waves are roaring most of the year, and he benefits from the rich Balinese culture and stunning tropical nature, which brings out the best of himself.