Mastering Service Mesh Architecture

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  • Build a microservices based application using polyglot application, caching, and cloud function APIs.
  • Deep insight into service mesh architecture
  • Server-side discovery of services to load balance a request to the appropriate service
  • Configure a proxy called Envoy, deployed as a sidecar, for calls between services & clients
  • Set up a secure communication amongst microservices applications using Istio
  • Learn the seamless way to setup and configure Istio’s service mesh monitoring for microservices without hard-coding or programming any capabilities.

Application monitoring, automated continuous integration and continuous delivery for enhancing a loosely coupled microservices framework is the major challenge that developers face today to meet the modern application development requirement. Service mesh helps in overcoming these challenges as it based upon loosely coupled architecture and doesn't require writing any code to easily maintain a large network of applications.

This book covers all about Service Mesh right from it's architecture to using it easily to manage your microservices-based applications. It is a practical guide to deploy Microservices and implement Istio & Service Mesh to enable traffic management, monitoring, security, metering, coupling and application testing. This framework will help you develop skill sets to become an IT professional in this modern technology. It is also packed with real examples for Istio & Sservices running on a microservices framework

By the end of the book, you will be able to master service mesh and use it to make your microservices-based applications secure and faster

  • Manage the complexity of cloud-native applications with powerful service mesh techniques
  • Get to grips with Istio to enable traffic policy controls for your microservices apps
  • Use multiple microservices testing frameworks to test your service mesh environments.
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ISBN 9781789615791
Date Of Publication 25 Mar 2020


Anjali Khatri

Anjali Khatri is currently a Senior Program manager for Engineering at Merlin International Inc. specializing in DevOps, Microservices based new application development & modernizing legacy application for cross-industry customers. As a former IBM’er, her 8+ years of professional skills include: Software Development, Analytics Sales & IT consulting for evangelizing open source solutions.

Vikram Khatri

Vikram S Khatri is a cross-industry executive IT specialist who has co-authored 2 redbooks, holds 5 patents and 30+ certifications and the original author of the IBM data movement tool. With a career expanding 32+ years, he is a visionary, thought leader and trusted advisor for multiple IBM products & solutions such as: IBM Cloud Private, IBM Spectrum Scale, pureScale, BLU acceleration, DB2, POWER based systems, IBM storage, network systems, and many more. He is the author of 15+ proof of technology collateral.