Mastering MEAN Web Development: Expert Full Stack JavaScript [Video]

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  • Get a grip on the new Angular2 framework to build powerful frontend apps.
  • Produce compelling and responsive designs using Bootstrap and SASS.
  • Master all the goodness that ES6 offers and build your site with Webpack and Babel.
  • Learn how to secure your app with login support that utilizes JSON Web tokens.
  • Create Express APIs that are flexible and powerful for your frontend to consume.
  • See the value of testing your app with Mocha and Protractor.
  • Gain experience with websockets, and enable two way communication between your server and clients.
  • Become proficient in querying, storing, and validating your data in MongoDB with MongooseJS.

Web development is moving fast and to keep up to mark, you need a technology stack that is . The MEAN stack includes MongoDb, Express, Angular, and Node.js. These tools provide a rich environment to build advanced web applications in a short space of time. All the pieces of the MEAN stack are practically tried and tested in large and small-scale organizations.

Mastering MEAN Web Development will guide you through all the necessary pieces to build a web app from start to finish. We will discuss the concepts and methods in depth, and shine light on how and why we use each piece of the MEAN stack.

We’ll begin by learning how to use Webpack and Babel to assemble our frontend. We’ll see how to leverage many of the new features in Angular2. We’ll create a RESTful API built with Node.js and MongoDB.

Along the way, we’ll touch up on best practices used to create, manage, and deploy web applications to production. Your skills and understanding of JavaScript will increase as you add web sockets, models, and other essential elements to your web application.

Mastering MEAN Web Development will cover all the topics you need to create your own web apps for organizations, small or big.

Style and Approach

A practical step-by-step approach so that you can effectively incorporate the techniques to your own projects, along with understanding the ‘why’ behind each task.

  • Develop sophisticated models for MongodB with MongooseJS.
  • Leverage Babel and Webpack to expedite your development process
  • Learn how to integrate into Angular and Node.js
Course Length 4 hours 15 minutes
ISBN 9781785882159
Date Of Publication 31 May 2016


Shane A. Stillwell

Shane A. Stillwell is a full stack web developer specializing in MEAN stack web development. He has been a developer for over 15 years. Shane has a knack for cutting edge technology and uses it to make development faster, easier, and most importantly, fun.

Shane has built a wide variety of applications from mobile apps to large scale Angular and React web apps, to small hobby projects. Shane speaks and writes on full stack development hoping to help bring cutting edge technology closer to anyone with a desire to learn.