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Mastering Mambo : E-Commerce, Templates, Module Development, SEO, Security, and Performance

Christian Wenz, Tobias Hauser

An advanced level guide to customizing and extending
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Book Details

ISBN 139781904811510
Paperback304 pages

About This Book

  • Create custom layouts, modules, Mambots, set up an e-commerce store, and more
  • Make your site multilingual, accessible, and optimized for speed and search engines
  • Master DOCMAN, the document manager for Mambo, to turn your Mambo site into a dynamic repository of shared documents and files
  • Avoid common security traps and pitfalls and learn how attackers think

Who This Book Is For

Mastering Mambo is the book for anybody who has developed a Mambo web site, and wants to expand what their site can do and make the most of this powerful content management system.

It is not a tutorial in the Mambo basics. Nor is it a comprehensive reference to Mambo's workings. Instead, it shows you how to employ Mambo's most powerful and useful features in your own site or intranet.

Looking for a step-by-step guide to beginning Mambo?

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Basic Mambo Principles and Terms
Front-End Configuration
Administration Interface
Chapter 2: Designing Your Own Templates
Template Manager
Your Own Template
Administrator Templates
Useful Stuff
Chapter 3: Extensions: Modules, Mambots, and Components
Included Stuff
Chapter 4: Internationalization
Languages and Language Packs
Mambel Fish
Chapter 5: E-Commerce
Administration of Products
Customize and Extend
Chapter 6: Forum
Customizing and Extending
Chapter 7: Document Administration with DOCMan
Administration of Documents
Chapter 8: Even More Extensions
MosForms: Forms with Mambo
Community Builder
Calendar: Events
Picture Gallery: zOOm Gallery
Picture Gallery: RSGallery
Chat: MOS-Chat and Others
Some More Extensions
Chapter 9: Your Own Modules, Mambots, and Components
Your Own Modules
Your Own Mambots
Your Own Components
Chapter 10: Search Engine Optimization
Google PageRank
Problems and Solutions
Specific Modules for Optimization
Chapter 11: Mambo and Security
Security and CMS
Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
SQL Injection
Unexpected User Data
"Best Practices" for Secure Programming
Deployment on the Intranet, Extranet, or with Shared Hosts
Keeping Mambo Up to Date
Keeping the System Up to Date
Chapter 12: Performance and Caching
Performance Fundamentals
High Performance Programming
High Performance Administration
Performance Tests
Chapter 13: Accessibility
The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
Tools for Developers
Tips for Editors

What You Will Learn

In Detail

Mambo is a PHP-based Open Source CMS. Mambo is both easy to use at the entry level for creating basic websites, while having the power and flexibility to support complex web applications.

Mambo implements the core requirements of a full featured CMS. It has a powerful and extensible templating system with the ability to upload and manage many different data types. User access control, content approval, rich administrative control, content display scheduling are all built-in. New features and extensions are constantly added to the core system, with many more being available and supported by the community.

Most of the Mambo development team now works on a fork of Mambo known as Joomla. Mastering Mambo is fully compatible with Joomla's 1.0 release.


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