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  • Discover what makes Magento 2 different — and even more powerful
  • Develop strategies to create multi-store environments
  • Find out how to create themes and extend the functionality of Magento 2
  • Create sound development practices to insure code integrity and security
  • Know the why, as well as the how, behind using Magento 2

The long-awaited release of the world's most popular online solution, Magento 2, is now out with an all new interface and several enhancements. This book offers you advanced guidance on managing, optimizing, and extending your store while taking advantage of the new features of Magento 2.

This is a comprehensive guide to using the all new features and interface of Magento 2 to build, extend, and design online stores. From planning your Magento installation through to advanced techniques designed to make your store as successful as possible, this book is your roadmap to managing your Magento store. Focusing on Magento's Community version, the book covers everything from creating and managing multiple stores to fine-tuning Magento for speed and performance. You’ll learn how to manage categories, products, design themes, extensions, and more.

  • Updated for Magento 2, this book offers a comprehensive coverage of all the new features of Magento to build modern online stores
  • Exploit little-known techniques to extend, tune, and manage your Magento installation
  • Detailed coverage to make your store run faster, better, and more productively
Page Count 340
Course Length 10 hours 12 minutes
ISBN 9781785882364
Date Of Publication 27 Jun 2016


Bret Williams

Bret Williams has been innovating web-based solutions for 20 years, building hundreds of websites across many industries. Since 2009, he has been focused on improving e-commerce performance for Magento-based online businesses. His first Packt Publishing book, “Mastering Magento,” helped thousands of Magento users and developers with tested insights. Today, Bret serves as Chief Operations Officer for Praxis Information Science, an Austin-based solutions provider and Magento Silver Partner. He also serves as Editor of, a Magento news and review blog.

Jonathan Bownds

Jonathan Bownds is an e-commerce professional living in the sunny climes of Austin, Texas. He got his start working in technology around 1998, and he promptly gravitated toward Linux, system administration, security, and open source projects. He's been embroiled in something related to one of these topics ever since.


He is currently a partner at Praxis Information Science (, a web development company that specializes in tackling interesting Magento problems and helping merchants make a go of it in the wild and woolly frontier of e-commerce.


Beside work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys, playing tennis, reading, and in an ongoing search for the best breakfast taco in Texas.