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Mastering jQuery UI

Vijay Joshi

Become an expert in creating real-world Rich Internet Applications using the varied components of jQuery UI
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783286652
Paperback312 pages

About This Book

  • Create useful mashups by plugging together different components along with APIs
  • Design your own widgets like captchas, a color picker, news reader, puzzles, and many others
  • Take your jQuery UI skills to next level by exploring the ins and outs and nuances of jQuery UI components

Who This Book Is For

If you are a frontend developer with considerable knowledge of jQuery UI and want to take this expertise to the next level, then this book is for you.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Designing a Simple Quiz Application
Setting up jQuery UI
Creating the layout
Making the quiz functional
Improving the quiz
Chapter 2: Building a Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Getting ready
Creating the layout
Making the puzzle functional
Improving the puzzle
Chapter 3: Creating a Website Tour
Getting ready
Designing the home page
Making the tour functional
Improving the tour
Chapter 4: Creating a Tabbed News Reader
Creating the folder structure
Designing the page
Getting the code structure ready
Adding event handlers in the init method
Displaying posts of a subreddit
Getting comments for a post
Improving MyjqReddit
Chapter 5: Implementing CAPTCHA using Draggable and Droppable
Creating the folder structure
Implementing the drag and drop CAPTCHA
Creating the slider CAPTCHA
Creating the number CAPTCHA
Chapter 6: Creating an Event Timeline Using a Slider
Creating the folder structure
Designing the page
Styling the content
Getting the code structure ready
Creating the timeline markup from data
Implementing the timeline functionality
Improving the timeline
Chapter 7: Using jQuery UI with Google Maps API
Creating the folder structure
Designing the page
Displaying the map
Improving the functionality
Chapter 8: Creating a Photo Album Manager
Creating the folder structure
Designing the page
Creating the JSON file for albums
Getting code structure ready
Implementing the initialize method
Filling album names
Editing, deleting, and rearranging pictures
Improving album manager
Chapter 9: Creating Widgets Using the Widget Factory
The folder structure
Creating a widget to search data in a table
Improving the searchable widget
Creating a widget to display a slideshow
Improving the banner widget
Chapter 10: Building a Color Picker with Hex RGB Conversion
Setting up the folder structure
Writing markup for the page
Styling the content
Implementing the color picker
Improving the Colorpicker
Chapter 11: Creating a Fully Functional Dashboard
Setting up the stage
Designing the page
Getting the code structure ready
Initializing the portlets
Implementing sharing buttons
Displaying Flickr photos
Creating a weather widget
Displaying posts from the reddit front page
Creating an image display widget
Improving the portlets

What You Will Learn

  • Create mashups using APIs of popular websites such as Reddit and Google Maps
  • Integrate AJAX with different components
  • Create projects that solve real-world problems and are not theoretical
  • Discover the best usage of components in a given situation
  • Use effects to make the UI more interactive
  • Use JSONP to make cross-origin AJAX requests
  • Get to grips with best practices to use while developing with jQuery UI

In Detail

With browsers becoming more and more powerful each day, the jQuery UI library provides tools that can be used to create feature rich and interactive applications without bearing the pain of writing numerous lines of JavaScript.

Mastering jQuery UI will help you explore the depths of the jQuery UI library. Right from the first chapter, you will build your own projects while learning the intricacies of the library. Each chapter explores a new topic and covers some related components. By gaining confidence from the initial chapters you will proceed ahead to create complex applications like the Tabbed News reader utilizing the AJAX and Reddit APIs. As a bonus, you will also learn about the best and most proven practices earned through years of diligent work on the jQuery UI platform.

Each chapter is an independent mini project in itself covering different components from jQuery UI. You won't have to wait long to actually build something functional.


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