Mastering JavaScript Design Patterns: A Practical Introduction to Building Better Applications [Video]

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  • Understand how to build a practical application with the help of design patterns
  • Write robust, maintainable JavaScript applications by using battle-tested solutions to common problems
  • Improve code readability by using common solutions and better names for what you are trying to accomplish
  • Build and use a server as a data provider
  • Leverage the deferred nature of JavaScript with call-backs and promises
  • Better your communication of design goals with other programmers through usage of common terms
  • Create a separation of concerns to split modules based on different responsibilities.

As the language of the web, JavaScript is used prolifically by developers building new applications every day. However, some developers still lack the knowledge about how to write things in a simpler, clearer and more maintainable way. Design patterns are proven solutions to common development problems, and can boost code quality and application maintainability, as well as improve developer efficiency. 

Mastering JavaScript Design Patterns demonstrates how to apply design patterns in real life situations, whether that's for new, or already existing projects. It will help you to make your applications more flexible, perform better, and easier to maintain.

We’ll begin by building a simple music player application, and then we’ll build and add more and more functionality to our music player application. We’ll also cover different ways to modularize the application.

In the next two sections we’ll build a server and will load data from it. We’ll cover different techniques for caching, fallbacks, optimizing memory consumption and deferred actions.

In the last section we’ll cover code maintainability improvement techniques by using less known, yet powerful JavaScript techniques.

Style and Approach

This video course demonstrates the fundamentals of JavaScript design patterns through the practical development of an application, a music player. Each pattern will be exemplified and explained. Unlike many other guides this one is heavily practical, featuring bite sized chunks of information, detailed explanations, and real results.

  • A practical, application-oriented guide to working with JavaScript design patterns 
  • Build a music player application and tackle real-world challenges that appear as the application grows in complexity
  • Enhance the application's functionality and performance through writing modular, strongly organized code
  • Understand how design patterns can improve the testability and maintainability of application code, and embed healthy programming practices
Course Length 2 hours 10 minutes
ISBN 9781783980734
Date Of Publication 29 Sep 2015


Alexandr Truhin (bumbu)

Alexandr Truhin (bumbu) is a proponent of open web and robust solutions. His engineering background is based on desktop, back-end and front-end web applications where most recent years he’s using JavaScript to build fast and reach web applications.

His passion is improving and passing knowledge which has been doing by teaching in University, writing blog posts, mentoring other developers and contributing to open source community.