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Mastering Grunt

Daniel Li

If you’re tired of repetitive JavaScript tasks like minification, compilation, and testing, this book will teach you how to use Grunt to automate them. Learn in easy steps how to streamline your workflow when building any web application.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783980925
Paperback110 pages

About This Book

  • Master the development of your web applications by combining Grunt with an army of other useful tools
  • Learn about the key tasks behind devops integration and automation so you can utilize Grunt in a team-working environment
  • Accelerate your web development abilities by employing best practices, including SEO, page speed optimization, and responsive design

Who This Book Is For

This book will give web developers and sysadmins a head start in fully understanding the importance of the described web technologies and how to automate their processes using Grunt.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Introducing Grunt
Introducing Git
Introducing GitHub
Introducing npm
Introducing Bower
Installing Grunt
Deploying a Hello World page
Chapter 2: Developing a Blog with Jade and Sass
A brief summary of Jade
A brief summary of Sass
Concatenation and minification
Building the blog
Chapter 3: Making an Employee Management System
A brief summary of CoffeeScript
Building the employee management system
Chapter 4: Final Project – Simple Bulletin Board System
Installing the required Grunt plugins
Developing a simple Bulletin Board System (BBS)
Chapter 5: Best Practices for Modern Web Applications
The importance of search engine optimization
Form validation in the modern web world
Designing interfaces for the mobile generation

What You Will Learn

  • Build any web application using Grunt.js
  • Explore the basics revolving around source control with Git
  • Understand the importance behind package management with npm and Bower
  • Use Grunt alongside Jade, the templating engine, to automate the compression and obfuscation process
  • Ease the compilation process by working with Sass, a CSS preprocessor
  • Understand the fundamentals involved in CoffeeScript development
  • Implement headless testing using Mocha, a JavaScript-based testing engine
  • Automate the frontend testing process using Grunt

In Detail

Grunt.js continues to excel as the build automation tool of choice. Along with its support for many third-party technologies, Grunt is packaged with a clean API for defining tasks. This powerful tool can streamline your workflow by automating the preparation tasks for production, such as compression, compilation, obfuscation, testing, and even pushing your web application live. This book will teach you how to master build automation and testing with Grunt. You will have the opportunity to utilize the latest and in-demand web tools, such as Git, Jade, CoffeeScript, Sass, and the Mocha testing engine, across several exciting projects by combining Grunt with them. You will also learn to create a project – a simple Bulletin Board System (BBS), which will explain the use of Grunt alongside the Mocha testing library to automate testing throughout the build process.

Mastering Grunt will demonstrate how to leverage Grunt with other technologies to become an expert in build automation, teaching you the best practices for modern web development along the way.


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