Mastering ElasticSearch 6.x and the Elastic Stack [Video]

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  • Understand Elastic Stack from start to finish and be able to jump right into a real work project.
  • Store structured and unstructured data typically found in system events or log files to gain visibility and understanding of your application 
  • Learn the skills required to instantly search petabytes of data and provide amazing customer interactions
  • Build a central log collection system
  • Leverage HTTP-based APIs for ElasticSearch insert, query, and configure operations.
  • Take advantage of the huge disk space saving capabilities in ES 6
  • Utilize new features to visualize Logstash pipelines

Elastic Stack is powered by the most popular open source search engine, ElasticSearch, currently used throughout the world by Fortune 500 companies such as Sprint and Dell and small startups who leverage the power and scalability of the Elastic Stack, without having to pay a fortune in licensing or professional services hours.
Getting ElasticSearch up and running is fairly straightforward, but fully understanding how to use the whole stack, from start to finish, is a rather daunting task. This course will focus on two major use cases with ElasticSearch. The first is leveraging the powerful full-text search engine ElasticSearch is built on, allowing developers to add blazingly fast search features to applications. The second is leveraging different components of the Elastic Stack to continuously monitor applications, infrastructure, or even customer transactions.

Throughout the course, students will go from a beginner to a master of Elastic Stack, via hands-on examples using real data.

All the code and supporting materials for this course will be available at -

Style and Approach

This is a very hands-on course with a strong focus on exploring the technology, instead of reading slides. The flow of the course is heavily driven by Kibana views, with a lot of configuration files and command line interactions with Elastic Stack.

  • Master using the Elastic Stack through hands-on activities with Beats, Logstash, ElasticSearch, and Kibana
  • Master Elastic Stack 6.x's helpful new features and take advantage of the huge disk space saving capabilities
  • Delve into Kibana for data searches, analysis, and system monitoring, leveraging the built-in components of X-Pack and the rest of the Elastic Stack
Course Length 6 hours 5 minutes
ISBN 9781788991155
Date Of Publication 28 Jun 2018


Chris Fauerbach

Chris Fauerbach is an avid learner and has been teaching technology in the classroom and business setting since early college. Chris has been dreaming of a Neo4J project for years. After spending countless hours learning the technology, the problem finally arose. While developing a cyber security program, the graph relationship turned out to be the right answer. Relational databases would be too complicated with dynamic relationships just wouldn't work.

He has been developing software integration projects for over 20 years. He has a passion for data enrichment, cyber security and full-text search and is a huge proponent of open source software.

Chris has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in information systems. Chris has written web applications, databases driven applications, big data systems etc. He's an expert in languages from C to Python, HTML to SQL.

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