Mastering D3.js

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  • Create reusable chart components that can be used in other projects
  • Build charts for browsers without SVG support by using polyfills
  • Integrate D3 and Backbone to create interactive single-page applications
  • Write, test, and distribute a D3-based charting package
  • Create custom maps and integrate D3 with third-party mapping libraries
  • Make a real-time application with Node and D3

This is a practical guide with real-world examples that will help you to create custom charts, and integrate them with third-party libraries to create rich, engaging data-driven applications. Starting with the reusable chart pattern, we will take you through designing and creating complex, real-time data visualizations.

You will learn how to create reusable D3-based charts and integrate them into data visualization projects. You will get to know how to create and distribute a custom charting package. You will get acquainted with how to integrate D3 with mapping libraries to provide reverse geocoding and interactive maps.

This book culminates by showing you how to create enterprise-level dashboards to display real-time data.

  • Create custom charts as reusable components to be integrated with existing projects
  • Design data-driven applications with several charts interacting between them
  • Create an analytics dashboard to display real-time data using Node and D3 with real world examples
Page Count 352
Course Length 10 hours 33 minutes
ISBN 9781783286270
Date Of Publication 24 Aug 2014


Pablo Navarro Castillo

Pablo Navarro Castillo is a mathematical engineer and developer. He earned his Master's degree in Applied Mathematics from École des Mines de Saint-Etienne in France. After working for a few years in operations research and data analysis,  he began to work as a data visualization consultant and developer.

He has collaborated with Packt Publishing as a technical reviewer for Data Visualization with D3.js and Data Visualization with D3.js Cookbook. In 2014, he founded Masega, which is a data visualization agency based in Santiago, Chile, where he currently works.