Mastering AngularJS UI Development [Video]

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  • Build a richly-featured application with dynamic functionalities and a stunning UI 
  • Employ project scaffolding and use naming conventions in an optimal way
  • Gain best practices to perform various tasks such as creating controllers to work with scopes and implement services
  • Configure and implement routing to create content-specific URLs for your application
  • Persist user data with local storage
  • Understand how to write components using directives to build reusable features for your application
  • Make use of various AngularUI Bootstrap features such as pagination, ratings, and auto-suggest to enhance the application
  • Implement attractive web forms with validation to secure your AngularJS projects
  • Solve common AngularJS issues such as two-way binding issues and slow-loading images

Developing powerful, interactive modern web applications is a complex endeavor. Enter AngularJS, the framework par excellence which has clearly emerged the winning solution, due to its simplicity and extensive range of features, including Two Way Data-Binding and Directives. These features enable a developer to write flexible and testable front-end code, and ultimately to build efficient, photogenic web applications.

Though documentation and online tutorials are available to develop with AngularJS UI, it can be difficult to locate the resources to really take advantage of all the available options for great UI design. Mastering AngularJS UI Development takes you step by step through core AngularJS concepts by demonstrating the build of a TV Show tracking app, before showing you how to enhance and beautify the UI.

Firstly, you will start out with a skeleton application and apply best practices for creating controllers and implementing services. Then, you will learn how to connect the application to an API and add various features to it such as search, tracking, and rating functionalities. You will also learn how to persist data with local storage. Here we move on to beautifying your app by creating various components and reusing them with the help of directives. You’ll build attractive forms to validate your users and make your app secure. After that, you will learn different ways to troubleshoot issues with routes, two-way bindings, animations, and isolated scopes.

With best practices engrained throughout, and many advanced concepts explained, after this course you will be able to build better, fantastic-looking AngularJS applications.

Style and Approach

This video course follows a strict hands-on approach and with the help of a practical example, will take you through the entire app creation process step by step while explaining things clearly and providing plenty of additional learning resources if you want to explore more possibilities.

  • Comprehend the process of creating quality AngularJS UI from scratch to completion
  • Understand key concepts related to building AngularJS UI, such as interacting with APIs, writing reusable components, and persisting user data
  • Explore AngularJS UI Bootstrap and implement its key features into your applications
Course Length 1 hour 27 minutes
ISBN 9781785289910
Date Of Publication 30 Aug 2015


Leon Revill

Leon Revill has over three years of commercial AngularJS development experience and is currently working as a Mobile Architect building complex mobile platform applications using AngularJS and other modern web technologies. As an AngularJS mentor at Thinkful, he tutors students all around the world, taking them from AngularJS novices to ninjas in just a few months.

Leon is also interested in writing free articles and tutorials covering a wide range of web development topics via his blog