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  • Understand the concept of a component-based UI architecture
  • Grasp Angular 2 core concepts
  • See the technologies used to work with Angular 2 (mainly ES6)
  • Perform basic and advanced tasks using Angular 2 components
  • Use dependency injection within Angular 2 components
  • Test Angular 2 components with testing frameworks
  • Structure an application using Angular 2
  • Build an entire application from A to Z using Angular 2

Through this book, you will learn how to use Angular 2 and its component-based architecture in order to develop modern user interfaces. A new holistic way of thinking about UI development will be established throughout this book, and you will discover the power of Angular 2 components through many examples. This book is based on Release Candidate 1(RC1) of Angular 2.

On this journey, you'll discover the benefits of component-based user interfaces over the classical MVC design. Also, you will get a chance to compare a classical MVC with a component-based approach and understand the challenges of modern user interfaces. You will learn the very basics of the required core technologies and the setup needed to get going with Angular 2, and progressively enhance your understanding of Angular 2 components by working on the example application.

After reading the book and following the example application, you will have built a small-to-mid-sized application with Angular 2 using a component-based UI architecture.

  • Developers will be able to make better websites right away by building the example components in the book
  • You'll learn new ways of conceptualizing how to design your web applications, which will prepare you to keep making more sophisticated projects
  • Learning these concepts and building these apps will put developers ahead of the curve in preparing for "tomorrow's Internet," as component-based development and component-centric thinking are increasingly in demand
Page Count 372
Course Length 11 hours 9 minutes
ISBN 9781785884641
Date Of Publication 29 Jun 2016


Gion Kunz

Gion Kunz has over 12 years of experience in writing interactive user interfaces using JavaScript. He's worked with AngularJS since 2012, is one an early adopter of Angular 2 and loves to speak about Angular at conferences.

In 2018 he founded his own company syncrea, where he helps customers create websites and applications using front-end web technologies. Besides working for his clients, Gion is a tutor at the SAE Institute in Zurich and loves to get his students enthusiastic about the Web.