Markdown Mastery [Video]

More Information
  • Understand the reasons for learning Markdown
  • Write confidently using the Markdown format
  • Use enhanced flavors of Markdown when appropriate
  • Use Markdown in a variety of scenarios as a writing format
  • Export Markdown into publishing formats like HTML or PDF
  • Use Markdown on mobile and cloud-based workflows

Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax designed so that it can be converted to HTML and many other formats using a tool by the same name. It is great as a source writing format for notes, outlines, blog posts, and perhaps even a novel.This course will begin with an introduction to Markdown and will show you how to setup the editor. Once we understand the benefits and purpose of Markdown and have the editor ready to go, we’ll start off with some basics that covers all the core aspects of the Markdown syntax. With the foundations in place, we’ll move on to extended or enhanced flavors of Markdown, which have been nearly universally adopted, and are nearly as well supported as the original core of Markdown. Next, the course shifts from technical execution of various features of Markdown to practical examples and use-cases of Markdown in action.

Style and Approach

The course aims to get you up and running with using Markdown in a jiffy, while giving you all you need to know to become a master at writing in the tool. Its simple but well explained examples will ensure you face no hurdles at all while you practice what you learn.

  • Gain from the vast experience of Jason Taylor, with the only reliable course on Markdown in the market
  • Understand the best practices of writing in the Markdown format
  • Write your own novels, README files or push code to GitHub using this amazing tool.
Course Length 1 hour
ISBN 9781787128293
Date Of Publication 29 Mar 2017


Jason Taylor

With nearly 20 years of programming and software development experience, I started out teaching myself programming while in High School. I put myself through college working for a local Internet Service Provider as a programmer. Before finishing college, I developed and sold an award winning website to a Dot-Com start-up. After college, I have worked at several companies ranging from start-ups to large enterprises focusing on Java and client-side technologies (HTML/CSS/JavaScript). Throughout my career, I have opportunity to learn many software development best practices and exposure to several version control systems