Managing Microservices in Practice [Video]

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  • Gain an understanding of all of the building blocks of a Kubernetes Cluster
  • Efficiently use the everyday tools of a Kubernetes Administrator
  • Securing the Kubernetes cluster and communicating with your microservices from every angle
  • Difference between CI and CD and why you need them
  • Find out what CI/CD tools work well for you
  • Keep your applications and tools live and ready
  • Ensure that your deployed application is stable by placing monitoring tools and alert systems

Need your microservices running in the cloud without impacting your customers or harming your revenue? This course will lead you through the essentials of what a Kubernetes cluster is and how it can effectively manage your microservices.

You'll learn about pods, deployments, and elastic capacity management, along with features such as auto-healing and how best to use them. Communication within a Kubernetes cluster is key; site reliability is equally as important, and many tools are available to support logging, monitoring, and alerting.

You'll start by setting up, instantiating, and securing your kubernetes cluster. Then you’ll learn about network management, including Ingress, Istio, and how to control your traffic flow. You’ll learn about cloud-native as well as cloud-agnostic tooling for monitoring, alerting, and telemetry gathering. Finally, you’ll learn about monitoring tools, setting up alerts to ensure the stability of your deployment.

By the end of this course, you’ll be empowered to handle multiple microservices, and have the skills to ensure that your own microservices are fault-tolerant, resilient, and responsive.

All the code files and related files are placed on Github at

  • Create a robust microservices infrastructure using Kubernetes, and learn how to communicate with your microservices
  • Understand all of the different resources that make up ‘Kubernetes’
  • Learn what CI and CD are, what the differences are, and ways to implement them successfully
Course Length 3 hours 26 minutes
ISBN 9781839211645
Date Of Publication 29 Apr 2020


Joshua Garverick

Joshua Garverick is a Microsoft MVP and a seasoned IT professional with more than 15 years of enterprise experience working in several large industries (finance, healthcare, transportation, logistics). He specializes in Application Lifecycle Management and is currently involved with DevOps and architecture projects, focusing specifically on software architecture and enterprise needs. Joshua is a Visual Studio ALM Ranger, providing guidance, practical experience, and solutions to the developer community. LinkedIn :