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Managing and Customizing OpenCms 6 Websites

Matt Butcher

A complete guide to set up, configuration and administration
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Book Details

ISBN 139781904811763
Paperback256 pages

About This Book

  • Understand the OpenCms web publishing process
  • Learn how to create your own, complex, OpenCms website
  • Develop the skills to implement, customize and maintain an OpenCms website

Who This Book Is For

This book is for anyone who wants to get an OpenCMS website up and running as quickly as possible, whether you are a user, administrator, designer or webmaster. You do not have to be a Java developer to benefit from this book, although a working knowledge of Java, JSP, and XML will help you to get the most from OpenCMS, and this book.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to OpenCms
What is a Content Management System?
What are Content Management Systems For?
An Overview of the OpenCms System
The Purpose of This Book
Technical Overview
A Few Closing Notes
Chapter 2: Installing OpenCms
Installing the OpenCms WAR File
Running the Install Wizard
Manually Configuring Settings
Installation Troubleshooting
Chapter 3: The OpenCms Workplace
What is the OpenCms Workplace?
Logging In
The Toolbar
The Preferences Panel
The Explorer View
Creating and Editing Content
Publishing Your Changes
Chapter 4: OpenCms Administration
The Administration View
Project Management
Database Management
File History
Link Validation
Managing Galleries
Searches and Indexes
Scheduled Jobs
Flex Cache Administration
Content Tools
Workplace Tools
Chapter 5: Workflow
What is Workflow?
The Workflow View
Creating a New Task
Viewing the Task
Workflow Management Strategies
Chapter 6: Customizing the Site
JSP Tags
JSP Scriptlets
Working with Templates
A Short Scriptlet
Including the Scriptlet in the Template
More on JSP Tags
Documentation and TemplateOne
A Few Things to Watch Out For
Chapter 7: Cron Expressions
What are Cron Expressions?
Changes from OpenCms 5
Cron Expressions in OpenCms 6
Chapter 8: Upgrading OpenCms
Getting the Upgrade Package
Preparing for the Upgrade
Moving Files
Running the Upgrade Wizard
Final Steps

What You Will Learn

With this book you will master OpenCms, and learn the skills to implement, customize and maintain an OpenCms website.

This book covers

  • Installing OpenCms, and its basic concepts
  • Using the OpenCms Workplace to manage and publish your content
  • Managing projects, user accounts, databases, and modules
  • Working with the VFS and search
  • Understanding and using tasks and workflows
  • Working with templates and the OpenCms Tag Library

At the end of this book, you will:

  • Understand how OpenCms handles and publishes content to the Web
  • Be confident working in the OpenCms environment
  • Be able to create your own, complex, OpenCms website

In Detail

This book takes you through the process of creating content rich web sites and applications using OpenCms. Although powerful and flexible, OpenCms can be daunting on first approach, but its advanced features reward the investment in learning. This book exists to ease Java developers into getting the most from OpenCms.

OpenCms is a professional-level, open source Website Content Management System, with which you can create and manage complex websites. Based on Java and XML technology, it fits into almost any modern IT environment. Now at version 6, OpenCms has blossomed into a mature and proven content management system.

With hard-won experience of the practical difficulties faced by developers working with OpenCms, this book is the embodiment of the author's expertise, and the perfect way to master the system.


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