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Magento 1.4 Theming Cookbook

Jose Argudo Blanco

Over 40 recipes to create a fully functional, feature rich, customized Magento theme
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849514248
Paperback200 pages

About This Book

  • Create rich, fully featured themes in easy to follow steps
  • Customize and localize your themes to make them sellable
  • Step-by-step recipes to help you solve problems related to Magento theming

Who This Book Is For

If you are a designer or programmer who wants to create excellent Magento themes, quickly and easily, this book is for you. No special knowledge of Magento or PHP is required, though some html and CSS experience will be helpful.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Theme Basics—Working with the Default Theme
Shutting down the cache before working with themes
Theme inheritance in Magento
Adding blocks
Creating layouts
Layout handles
Customizing templates
Chapter 2: Working with Existing Themes
Installing a theme through Magento Connect
Installing a theme manually
Selecting the recently installed theme
Enabling template path hints
Simple modifications, changing a logo and header info
Simple modifications, link to CMS pages from our theme
Chapter 3: Starting Our Own Theme—Basic Steps
Starting our theme; laying the foundation
Adding content in the home page
Adding breadcrumbs
Enabling the search form
Adding top links
Adding the language selector
Footer links
Adding the mini cart
Building our main menu
Chapter 4: Continuing Our Theme—Other Necessary Pages
Enhancing what we have up to now
Setting the template for the catalog page
Setting the template for other CMS pages
Setting the template for the Sign In page
Setting the template for the Shopping Cart page
Modifying the product detail page
Chapter 5: Going Further—Making Our Theme Shine
Using Cufón to include any font we like in our theme
SlideDeck content slider
Nivo banner slider
Magento Easy Lightbox
Adding social media sharing to product page
Adding featured products to the home page
Chapter 6: Building Simple Extensions
Installing the ModuleCreator extension
Using the ModuleCreator extension
Building a featured products block
Modifying the featured products block to show the most sold products
Chapter 7: Localization and Other Tips
Localizing our theme
Getting the current store
How to create a multi-currency store
How to create CMS pages
Translating the topmenu
Chapter 8: Selling Our Theme
Packing our theme
Nice features for our theme
Where to sell our theme
Where to go from here

What You Will Learn

  • Explore Magento theming, layouts, templates, inheritance, and all you need to work with Magento theming.
  • Search, download, install, and modify existing themes, so you can start working with your Magento installation at once.
  • Create your own theme from the ground up; add breadcrumbs, toplinks, a mini cart, a main menu, and all the items necessary to make a Magento theme.
  • Use Cufon in your theme, create sliders, modify the lightbox, and add social media sharing icons.
  • Create a simple module, a featured products module, and later modify it to create a most sold products module.
  • Localize your themes and also make them multicurrency, and translate images and menus.
  • Pack your theme and get ideas of where to sell it

In Detail

Magento is the fastest growing PHP-based ecommerce solution. It is a professional, polished application that can be extended or customized with PHP code. Magento theming is a very interesting topic but it can be difficult to get the hang of.

Magento 1.4 Theming Cookbook is like a toolbox for building Magento themes. Thanks to its cookbook approach, the recipes found in this book can be applied in almost any Magento theme.

This book will help you to create a Magento theme using recipes in a step-by-step approach. Although you can dive into any individual recipe, the cookbook is organized in a way that will help beginners learn Magento theming by doing. More advanced users can refer to just the recipes that will be useful to them. You will learn how to add sliders, Cufon font replacements, social media, lightbox, and much more!


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