Magento 1.3 Sales Tactics Cookbook

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  • Attract visitors by optimizing product pages for search engines
  • Export products from your Magento store and place them on shopping sites, like Google Product Search and Pricewatch
  • Create landing pages that drive customers to product pages
  • Customize your store’s informative pages and decide what content to include on your store’s informative pages
  • Add custom options to products and add videos, links, and other HTML to product pages
  • Increase sales with related products and cross sells by offering quantity discounts and free shipping for specific conditions
  • Calculate and display special pricing for products after they are added to the shopping cart
  • Produce and send a newsletter and enable customers to create, publish, and send wish lists
  • Determine which kind of social media is best for your business model and add “follow us” buttons for social media sites
  • Manage reviews, ratings, and tags that are submitted by your customers and add polls to your storefront
  • Create an international storefront with translations for store navigation, product descriptions, informative pages, and transaction emails
  • Create a wholesale storefront for just your wholesale customers

Magento is a feature-rich, professional open source e-commerce solution that offers users complete flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality of their online store. Although Magento provides users with the power to create dynamic e-commerce sites, it can be challenging to get beyond the basics and create sites that are tailored to your unique business needs.

This book gives you a hands-on experience on Magento, helping you increase your revenue by implementing proven sales tactics on your Magento site.

This book contains techniques to help you with each stage of selling to your customers: attracting visitors, driving them to your product pages, making the sale, increasing sales, engaging your customers, and more. It contains a powerful mix of techniques for increasing sales in your online storefront. Over thirty of the techniques are short and stand alone. A few are designed to be used together, such as the seven techniques in the chapter on creating an international storefront. Some techniques make creative use of Magento’s standard features. A few techniques combine Magento with other tools, such as social networking sites. All the techniques are explained in clear, step-by-step directions, with many screenshots. The book uses an example site for each technique, so that you can see exactly how it will affect your storefront. You can jump into the book at any point, or, work through it from beginning to end.

  • Build a professional Magento sales web site, with the help of easy-to-follow steps and ample screenshots, to solve real-world business needs and requirements
  • Develop your web site by using your creativity and exploiting the sales techniques that suit your needs
  • Provide visitors with attractive and innovative features to make your site sell
  • Part of Packt's Cookbook series: Each recipe is a carefully organized sequence of instructions to complete the task as efficiently as possible.
Page Count 292
Course Length 8 hours 45 minutes
ISBN 9781849510127
Date Of Publication 29 Mar 2010


William Rice

William Rice is an e-learning professional from New York City. He has written books on Moodle, Blackboard, Magento, and software training. He enjoys building e-learning solutions for businesses and gains professional satisfaction when his courses help students.

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