Liferay 6.x Portal Enterprise Intranets Cookbook

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  • Build a corporate knowledge base for all employees in your organization
  • Configure site and page templates for departments in your company
  • Design and implement roles and permissions to fit your organization
  • Define efficient business processes using XML representation
  • Integrate with LDAP, CAS SSO, and Solr search engine
  • Improve your portal with caching, clustering, indexing, searching, and more
  • Use effective taxonomy and folksonomy to organize documents and articles

Packed with easy-to-follow recipes, this practical guide will show you how to unleash the full power of the Liferay Portal. Starting with performing a basic installation and running Liferay, the book will take you all the way through to building intranet structures, managing users, setting permissions, defining workflows, and creating sites that will act as the main communication tool for employees in your company. Furthermore, many recipes will show ready-to-use solutions from real-world case studies. At the end of the book, we will show you how to optimize Liferay's performance and how to use its advanced built-in tools.

After reading this book you will be ready to install, run, and use Liferay as a powerful intranet solution.

  • Learn how to use Liferay Portal to create a fully functional intranet enterprise with a clear structure and database of all departments and employees of your company
  • Save your time and money by taking control of your data, documents, and business processes
  • Packed with step-by-step, real-world examples to help you with the installation, deployment, and configuration of Liferay and to help you run powerful tools for your employees or clients
Page Count 300
Course Length 9 hours 0 minutes
ISBN 9781782164289
Date Of Publication 29 May 2015


Piotr Filipowicz

Piotr Filipowicz is a Liferay architect and senior developer at eo Networks S.A., Poland. He is an expert in content management systems (CMS). Piotr currently holds the position of team leader in a group involved in developing Liferay-based software. His accomplishments in enhancing and creating various Liferay components are evident from his various successful implementations. His experience and knowledge are supported by certificates such as Liferay Portal Administrator, Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the Java Platform, and Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 platform. Piotr is also one of the founders of the blog, which contains a lot of information on Liferay and the CMS world.

Since 2002, he has created various kinds of IT systems, ranging from desktop applications to CMS applications, supporting large banking and financial systems. His main area of interest is web applications. Piotr uses Java and J2EE technologies on a daily basis, but he is open to learning other technologies and solutions. He holds a master's degree in software systems from Bialystok University of Technology, Poland.

Katarzyna Ziółkowska

Katarzyna Ziółkowska is employed at eo Networks S.A., Poland, as an IT analyst. She is designated as the head of the analysis section. Her work focuses on government websites and intranets, corporate business applications and websites. Katarzyna is a specialist in content management systems. She has been working with Liferay Portal since 2010 and has designed various products based on this technology using not only its default functionalities, but also expanding them and designing entirely new modules.

Since 2003, her main areas of interest revolved around business process modeling, managing business requirements, understanding user's needs, and designing usable systems. She is also one of the authors who writes on, where she shares her experience and knowledge on Liferay Portal CMS.

Katarzyna is certified in Prince 2 Foundation, Agile Project Management Foundation, and is a Professional Scrum Master. She is also a member of International Institute of Business Analysis. She holds a master's degree in arts in Russian philology from the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Applied Linguistics, Poland.