Learning React.js Scalable and High-Performance Apps [Video]

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  • Understand the process of creating and working with Webpack and NPM to enhance the performance of your applications
  • Know how to choose between performance options and the overall object strategy
  • Reduce code complexity through improving our loops/conditions and overall enhancements to your React components
  • Create production-ready apps that perform at scale
  • Take advantage of the newest performance enhancements in ES6

It's one thing to build an app that runs well on your test system, but it's quite another to build an app that still performs well when it's live with thousands of users. This course will help you take your apps to the next professional level, while making sure they remain performant at scale. There are many aspects to optimizing your React applications, some that you can apply later, and others that need to be designed in from the beginning. This course will give you tips and advice for both.

Covering JavaScript, CSS, and React-specific tips and advanced techniques, this course will make sure that you can build highly optimized, production-ready applications. The course begins by looking at important considerations you should build in to the planning stage of your apps: making sure options are set correctly, getting the most from Webpack, and optimizing your application's dependencies. We then go on to look in detail at some of the new performance enhancements that ES6 brings, such as using let and const instead of vars and advanced memory management for strings. Next, we cover more general JavaScript performance optimizations, and using ExpressJS for fast server-side rendering. Finally, we examine how best to package up all of the individual parts of your application to achieve the smallest file sizes and smoothest caching.

Style and Approach

This very carefully modulated course will take you every step of the way through building modern, scalable web applications using React. A thorough and methodical course, it excludes no relevant technologies and assumes no prior knowledge. It is also a very practical course, with full examples of technologies used along the way.

  • Build up production-ready, high- performing React applications with ease
  • Isolate and understand performance bottlenecks and how to address them in React applications
  • Learn a variety of modern web technologies, such as React, ES6, Webpack, Babel, ExpressJS, JSX, and more
Course Length 3 hours 41 minutes
ISBN 9781787285873
Date Of Publication 17 Jan 2017


Ben Fhala

Ben Fhala discovered his passion for data visualization six years ago while he was working at Parsons in New York, in their data visualization department, PIIM. He is the owner of the online video training school, 02geek.com, and an Adobe ACP. He enjoys spending most of his time learning and teaching and has a love for visual programming and visualization in general. Ben has had the honor of developing applications for members of the US Congress, Prime Ministers, and Presidents around the world. He has built many interactive experiences for companies such as Target, AT&T, Crayola, Marriott, Neutrogena, and Nokia. He has technically directed many award-winning projects and has been part of teams that have won three Agency of the Year awards.