Learning Node.js 11.x [Video]

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  • Build Node.js projects from scratch
  • Install dependencies and set-up a Node.js server
  • Start building a Music Library application with Node.js 11.x and Express.js
  • Build web apps and APIs with the Express application framework
  • Understand versioning and manage your code with Git by controlling its workflow
  • Persist your data with the best Node.js ORMs
  • Perform unit testing with Mocha

If you want to start using Node.js for building applications on cloud and securing them, then this course will be a perfect practical guide. Learn techniques that will equip you while rendering the server-side needs.

This course will walk you through the complete process from setting up the environment to build, test and deploy your first Node.js application. You will learn about SQLite,Mongo among many others.

By the end of the course, you will have the skills to build flawless Node.js applications for real world usage.

The Github link to this course is : https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Learning-Node.js-11.x

Style and Approach

This course is a practical guide for anyone who is looking to develop and secure robust Node.js web applications.

  • Build fast and scalable web applications and APIs using Node.js 10.X with Express
  • Follow industry best practices in storing and retrieving data from relational and NoSQL databases
  • Secure and deploy your Node.js app to a live server in minutes
Course Length 2 hours 14 minutes
ISBN 9781789531794
Date Of Publication 30 Dec 2018


Sriharsha Bingi

Sriharsha Bingi is currently pursuing his masters in computer science at New Jersey Institute of Technology, NJ. Being a Philomath, he has been into cryptocurrencies, investments, and data science for 3 years. He did his schooling in India and Oman. His passion towards cryptocurrencies grew from the year 2016. That interest started multiplying ever since he got awestruck by the amount of research big companies are doing and spending money on it, in the year 2017. That is when he realized that the blockchain technology is going to revolutionize the world. Technology has to evolve continuously says Harsha.
At present, he is working in the world financial center, Manhattan, New York as a blockchain developer. In the road of constantly honing his skills in blockchain technology, he wants to share his knowledge with us. As the need for blockchain developers is exponentially increasing the people who are actually trained to develop are still less. He has developed a functional demo using blockchain technology for BDI Plus company in world financial center, Manhattan and now he would like to share his experience and knowledge with us.