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Learning jQuery : Better Interaction Design and Web Development with Simple JavaScript Techniques

Jonathan Chaffer, Karl Swedberg

Better Interaction Design and Web Development with Simple JavaScript Techniques
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Book Details

ISBN 139781847192509
Paperback380 pages

About This Book

The newest edition of this title is available right now:
Learning jQuery, Third Edition Learning jQuery, Third Edition

Available Now.
  • Create better, cross-platform JavaScript code
  • Learn detailed solutions to specific client-side problems
  • For web designers who want to create interactive elements for their designs
  • For developers who want to create the best user interface for their web applications.
  • Read: Chapter 7 [2 MB] | Table of Contents

Who This Book Is For

This book is for web designers who want to create interactive elements for their designs, and for developers who want to create the best user interface for their web applications.

The reader will need the basics of HTML and CSS, and should be comfortable with the syntax of JavaScript. No knowledge of jQuery is assumed, nor is experience with any other JavaScript libraries required.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started
What jQuery Does
Why jQuery Works Well
Our First jQuery Document
Chapter 2: Selectors—How to Get Anything You Want
The Document Object Model
The $() Factory Function
CSS Selectors
XPath Selectors
Custom Selectors
DOM Traversal Methods
Accessing DOM Elements
Chapter 3: Events—How to Pull the Trigger
Performing Tasks on Page Load
Simple Events
Compound Events
Limiting and Ending Events
Simulating User Interaction
Chapter 4: Effects—How to Add Flair to Your Actions
Inline CSS Modification
Basic Hide and Show
Effects and Speed
Multiple Effects
Simultaneous versus Queued Effects
In a Nutshell
Chapter 5: DOM Manipulation—How to Change Your Page on Command
Manipulating Attributes
Inserting New Elements
Moving Elements
Wrapping Elements
Copying Elements
DOM Manipulation Methods in a Nutshell
Chapter 6: AJAX—How to Make Your Site Buzzword-Compliant
Loading Data on Demand
Choosing a Data Format
Passing Data to the Server
Keeping an Eye on the Request
AJAX and Events
Security Limitations
Chapter 7: Table Manipulation
The Finished Code
Advanced Row Striping
Row Highlighting
Collapsing and Expanding
The Finished Code
Chapter 8: Forms with Function
Progressively Enhanced Form Styling
Form Validation
Checkbox Manipulation
The Finished Code
Placeholder Text for Fields
AJAX Auto-Completion
The Finished Code
Input Masking
Numeric Calculations
Deleting Items
Editing Shipping Information
The Finished Code
Chapter 9: Shufflers and Rotators
Headline Rotator
An Image Carousel
Image Enlargement
The Finished Code
Chapter 10: Plug-ins
How to Use a Plug-in
Popular Plug-Ins
Finding Plug-in Documentation
Developing a Plug-in

What You Will Learn

  • Use selectors to get anything you want from a page
  • Make things happen on your page with events
  • Add flair to your actions with animation effects
  • Change your page on command with DOM manipulation
  • Use AJAX to make your site buzzword compliant!
  • Transform drab, static information containers into beautiful, dynamic tables
  • Breathe new life into online forms
  • Create dynamic shufflers, rotators, and galleries
  • Get started with three official jQuery plug-ins, and even write your own


In Detail

jQuery is a powerful JavaScript library that can enhance your websites regardless of your background. In this book, creators of the popular jQuery learning resource,, share their knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm about jQuery to help you get the most from the library and to make your web applications shine.

For designers, jQuery leverages existing CSS and HTML skills, allowing you to dynamically find and change any aspect of a page.This book provides a gentle introduction to jQuery concepts, allowing you to add interactions and animations to your pages - even if previous attempts at writing JavaScript have left you baffled.

For programmers, jQuery offers an open -source, standards-compliant, unobtrusive approach to writing complex JavaScript applications. This book will guide you past the pitfalls associated with AJAX, events, effects, and advanced JavaScript language features.

Stop scratching your head, and start improving your web applications with jQuery and JavaScript!


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