Learning JavaScriptMVC

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  • Install JavaScriptMVC in three different ways
  • Document JavaScript codebase and generate searchable API documentation using DocumentJS
  • Write unit tests using QUnit test framework
  • Integrate test framework with the Jenkins continuous integration tool
  • Work with a Model–View–Controller architectural web application
  • Create and deploy a web application

JavaScriptMVC is a client-side, JavaScript framework that builds maintainable, error-free, lightweight applications as quickly as possible. As it does not depend on server components, it can be combined with any web service interface and server-side language.

"Learning JavaScriptMVC" will guide you through all the framework aspects and show you how to build small- to mid-size well-structured and documented client-side applications you will love to work on.

This book starts from JavaScriptMVC installation and all its components are explained with practical examples. It finishes with an example of building a web application. You will learn what the JavaScriptMVC framework is, how to install it, and how to use it efficiently.

This book will guide you on how to build a sample application from scratch, test its codebase using unit testing, as well as test the whole application using functional testing, document it, and deploy the same. After reading Learning JavaScriptMVC you will learn how to install the framework and create a well-structured, documented and maintainable client-side application.

  • Install JavaScriptMVC in three different ways, including installing using Vagrant and Chef
  • Document your JavaScript codebase and generate searchable API documentation
  • Test your codebase and application as well as learning how to integrate tests with the continuous integration tool, Jenkins


Page Count 124
Course Length 3 hours 43 minutes
ISBN 9781782160205
Date Of Publication 23 May 2013


Wojciech Bednarski

Wojciech Bednarski is a software engineer with expert knowledge of client-side technologies. He is passionate about JavaScript, Node.js, HTML5, Ruby, NoSQL, and POSIX-compliant systems.

While at university he started taking up freelance jobs and was obsessed by web accessibility and usability as well as web standards.

Then, he moved to Warsaw where he started working as a web developer at eo Networks, which is recognized as one of the 50th fastest growing company in Central Europe.

He then started work at Roche, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, where he worked on large scale web-based systems as well as conducted workshops and technical seminars. He was recognized with an Informatics Service Award in the category of Innovation.

He then moved to Copenhagen and started work at YouSee, the subsidiary of TDC, the biggest Danish telecom company, where he programmed set top boxes. He won Copenhagen Startup Weekend and also began the Everplaces startup.

At the time of writing this book, he is a consultant for a New York-based company working on the next big thing you will use. He works from different places and lives with his beautiful wife and two black cats. He also loves taking pictures, you can have a sneak peek at www.pixmod.net. He is also fond of driving sports cars and traveling.

You can visit his professional profile at www.linkedin.com/in/bednarski/ or you can follow him on Twitter @wbednarski.