Learning FuelPHP for Effective PHP Development

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  • Install FuelPHP
  • Set up a project and use Git source control
  • Use the FuelPHP oil tool to auto-generate Models, Views, and Controllers
  • Perform migrations to bring different environments in line with one another
  • Deploy existing packages to perform common functionality
  • Enable user authentication with the Auth package
  • Create your own packages to share functionality

PHP frameworks have been around for a number of years. FuelPHP was one of the first frameworks built for PHP 5.3. It makes use of more advanced features of the language to allow you to focus on delivering features and code for your projects. FuelPHP allows you to quickly build prototypes using scaffolding and command-line tools, thus allowing you to concentrate on the fun part of trialling ideas and concepts.

This practical guide will show you how to use FuelPHP to quickly create projects more quickly and effectively. You will learn everything you need to know when creating projects with FuelPHP, including how to adapt the project as ideas change and develop.

This guide is packed with several tutorials that will help you to build a powerful and engaging application, and in the process you will learn more about FuelPHP. This book explores how to install and build a FuelPHP project in a step- by- step approach.

Starting with an exploration of the features of FuelPHP, this book then delves into the creation of a simple application. You will then move on to scaffolding your application using the powerful FuelPHP Oil command-line tool. Next, you will be introduced to packages and modules, and also cover routing, which allows for cleaner URL structures.

The book concludes with an introduction to the PHP community.

  • Scaffold with oil - the FuelPHP command-line tool
  • Build an administration quickly and effectively
  • Create your own project using FuelPHP
Page Count 104
Course Length 3 hours 7 minutes
ISBN 9781782160366
Date Of Publication 21 Nov 2013


Ross Tweedie

Ross Tweedie is a developer who specializes in creating applications using PHP and FuelPHP. He is passionate about using FuelPHP to test new ideas and concepts effectively. He is using open source technologies to enable people to collaborate with one another. His background is both in design and development, and he has experience in a wide range of industries.