Learning Flask [Video]

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  •  Set up a development environment with all the necessary software to develop Flask apps
  • Create robust databases with PostgreSQL to safely store user data for your dynamic websites
  • Build an authentication and authorization system using Flask-Login and Flask-Oauth to protect your pages from improper access
  • Use Flask extensions such as Flask-Gravatar, Flask SSLify, and more to add a wide range of functionalities to your app
  • Integrate the Wikipedia API to build a location-based service

With a growing skills gap, the need for talented developers is greater than ever before. A basic grounding in building apps with a framework as minimalistic, powerful, and easy-to-learn as Flask will be a useful skill to launch you on a career as an entrepreneur or web developer. Flask is a Python micro-framework that makes web application development as easy as saying it. 

This course will give you a basic grounding in the fundamental concepts of web development, as well as the hands-on experience you require to successfully build web apps with Flask.

We'll start by turning your computer into a modern development machine. Next, we'll move beyond static websites and develop a powerful database-backed dynamic Flask app. We won’t stop there, because we’ll also cover how to implement a full authentication system.

Finally, we'll extend the app's functionality by learning how to integrate it with third-party APIs.

When you finish this course, you will be fully equipped to build your very own custom web apps.

Style and Approach

Learning Flask is a step-by-step video tutorial for developing modern web applications with Flask. It follows a hands-on approach to introduce the important concepts and display their implementation for you in an easy and efficient manner.

  • Work on everything you need to know about Flask - models, views, controllers, web templates, forms, validation, and interaction with an API
  • Build, organize, and deploy a location-based Flask app that retrieves and shows interesting places around the user's location
  • Create a reusable workflow that you can use to jumpstart your next Flask app
Course Length 2 hours
ISBN 9781783554294
Date Of Publication 30 Jul 2015


Lalith Polepeddi

Lalith Polepeddi has been working with Flask since discovering it to be an easy way to learn about web development. He's written about Flask for Tuts+ and Tech.Pro. Aside from Flask, Lalith is interested in applying computer science to address problems in parallel domains, such as biology.