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Learning Facebook Application Development

Dr Mark Alexander Bain, Hasin Hayder

A step-by-step tutorial for creating custom Facebook applications using the Facebook platform and PHP
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Book Details

ISBN 139781847193698
Paperback240 pages

About This Book

  • Complete guide to building Facebook applications in PHP
  • Fully illustrated with fun, functional step-by-step examples
  • Covers recent platform additions: Facebook JavaScript, Facebook AJAX
  • Create data-driven applications, employ multimedia, and more

Who This Book Is For

This book is for PHP5 developers who want to create custom Facebook applications. It assumes no knowledge of the Facebook API or Platform, but does assume that you are a Facebook user.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting to Grips with the Facebook Platform
The Purpose of the Facebook Platform
The Facebook Platform Elements
Obtaining the Facebook Client Libraries
Adding the Developer Application
Setting Up Your Application
Chapter 2: Building a Facebook Application
A Simple Facebook Application
Developing the Simple Application
Writing to the Facebook Profile
Mock AJAX and Your Facebook Profile
Storing Data—Keeping Files on Your Server
Chapter 3: Databases, Dashboards, and the Profile
Setting up the Database
Accessing the Database from Your Facebook Application
Updating Profile
Tracking Users
The Facebook Dashboard
Facebook JavaScript
Chapter 4: Cooking User Data
How to Fetch User Data
Using Facebook API to Retrieve Information
Facebook Developers Tool
Chapter 5: FBJS—The JavaScript
How FBJS Works
Chapter 6: Feeds
What Are Feeds?
How to Publish Feeds
Sample Application to Play with Feeds
Publishing News Feed
Difference between These Two Methods
Chapter 7: Invitations and Notifications
Tips for Effective Notification and Emailing
Chapter 8: Photos
Photo API
Slideshow Application
Chapter 9: Tools and Multimedia
Creating a Discussion Board
Taking Comments from Users
Making a Wall Using fb:wall
Increasing Usability Using fb:switch
Using fb:random to Display a Random Option
Increasing Usability Using fb:switch
Sharing Content
Multimedia Contents

What You Will Learn

  • Learn Facebook application development through step-by-step examples.
  • Build data-driven Facebook applications, work with friends lists, photo galleries, multimedia, and more.
  • Work with Facebook’s security model to produce applications that are safe and functional.
  • Communicate with users through newsfeeds, notifications, invitations, and messages.
  • Learn the Facebook PHP API, and the various markup languages you'll need to build Facebook applications: Mock Ajax, FBML, FBJS (a variant of JavaScript especially for Facebook), and FQL.

In Detail

Using Facebook Applications, developers can add custom features to one of the most popular websites in the world. Facebook is the biggest social network among college students, and is gaining ground among professionals too. Facebook applications enable you to add new ways for users to interact with each other using Facebook.

Facebook applications are written in a server-side language, and hosted on the application developer's own server. They interface with Facebook, so that they appear to users to be part of Facebook itself.

This book shows PHP developers how to quickly get started building powerful Facebook applications, how to work with data stored in Facebook, including photos, and how to handle multimedia and other custom data within Facebook applications.

The book covers how to send notifications and invitations from within an application, update a user's profile, create application control panels for users, and much more.


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