Learning eZ publish 3 : Building content management solutions

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With this book you will conquer eZ publish, and learn the skills to become an accomplished eZ publish developer. At the end of this book, you will:

  • Understand how eZ publish handles, versions, and publishes content to the Web
  • Be confident working in the eZ publish administration area
  • Know the secrets of the eZ publish templating system to design your own pages
  • Have the skills to create new eZ publish extensions See how real world eZ publish sites have been designed and implemented

This book covers:

  • Installing eZ publish
  • The basic concepts of eZ publish
  • The structure of an eZ publish site
  • Content management with eZ publish
  • Controlling your page output with eZ publish templates
  • The eZ publish core libraries
  • Creating eZ publish extensions
  • Creating new modules and datatypes
  • Working with RSS import and export
  • Deploying an eZ publish site
  • Case studies of real eZ publish sites
  • Optimizing your eZ publish installation

eZ publish is a PHP-based, Open Source Content Management System and development framework. With over 1,000,000 downloads of the system to date (June 15, 2004), and now at version 3, eZ publish has evolved from a standard CMS to a framework for developing your own robust, PHP applications. With a community of devoted developers behind it, eZ publish has grown in popularity, with a tested and proven core architecture. Historically, eZ publish has had a notoriously steep learning curve. This book sets out to change that, and to make the unrivalled power and flexibility of eZ publish accessible to all developers. For the first time, the top contributors to the eZ publish community take you inside eZ publish, lifting the lid on this mysterious and powerful product to have you developing content-driven Web applications in no time. With hard-won experience of the practical difficulties faced by developers working with eZ publish, and technical approval from eZ systems, creators of eZ publish, this book is a distillation of the authors expertise, and the perfect way to master the system. If you are new to eZ publish, or have been frustrated or perplexed at being unable to get the most from eZ publish, then this is the book for you. A working knowledge of PHP is required to get the most from eZ publish, and from this book.


  • Build content rich websites and applications using eZ Publish
  • Discover the secrets of the eZ Publish templating system
  • Develop the skills to create new eZ Publish extensions
Page Count 392
Course Length 11 hours 45 minutes
ISBN 9781904811015
Date Of Publication 26 May 2004


Ben Pirt

Ben Pirt studied architecture at Edinburgh University. In 1999 he moved to New York where he developed animation skills through working for a design and visualisation company. Here he was also able to strengthen his web development skills through the use of PHP, SQL, CSS and XHTML. On his return to Edinburgh in 2001 he co-taught a course on architecture and multimedia before completing his postgraduate diploma at the Bartlett School of Architecture.

Bjorn Dieding

Bjorn Dieding attended the Ev. Gymnasium Werther, where he took advantage of a student exchange to the U.S. in 1997, and at this time, first came into contact with web design. From then on he invested much of his free time gathering knowledge and learning about Internet-related topics. In 1999 he started realizing his first commercial projects. In 2000 Bjorn attended the b.i.b. Hannover, graduating in 2003 as a computer scientist in e-commerce (Staatl. gepr. Informatiker Electronic Commerce). After graduation, he became a freelance web application programmer and web designer. In March 2004, Bjorn became the first core developer of eZ publish outside eZ systems.

Bjorn Dieding met Soren Meyer while studying, and at the end of 2002 they decided to team up as xrow GbR. Their main objective was to deliver value-added services for professional and high-quality open source software. Today, xrow GbR is one of the top German consultancies for delivering eZ publish services.

Martin Bauer

Martin Bauer is the Managing Director of designIT, an Australian based content management specialist practice. Martin has ten years experience in web development and web based content management. He is the world's first certified Feature Driven Development Project Manager. Prior to his role as Managing Director, Martin held a variety of roles across a range of industries. This experience includes careers in law, advertising and IT. Martin's breadth of expertise has culminated in a focus upon the delivery of effective content management solutions.

Paul Borgermans

Paul Borgermans holds a Masters degree in Science and a PhD in Applied Physics. He became involved with high-performance computing from the start of the 90s while doing plasma physics research. From then on, computing has always been an important part of his job, which gradually involved the integration of large databases, computations, and operational management in R&D. The birth of the World Wide Web also marked the start of projects around intranet developments. Recently, he started a knowledge-management program with his current employer, the Belgian Nuclear Research Center.

Paul Forsyth

Paul Forsyth is an active contributor to the eZ publish community, and lead developer at Vision with Technology. As Lead Developer, Paul helps to develop processes, methods, and technical standards in addition to developing systems and overseeing the development team. Previously, Paul was a Software Engineer at Parc Technologies, where his work included programming and system architecture on sophisticated applications optimizing flight schedules and managing fleet size for the airline industry. Paul was a PhD student at the University of Leeds after completing an MSc with Human Computer Systems at De Montfort University and a BSc (Hons) with Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh.

Tony Wood

Tony Wood has over 16 years of experience working for both small and large clients, with work ranging from system administration to knowledge management.

Tony is an active member in the eZ publish community and regularly contributes to the eZ publish community. Tony works for VisionWT which was the first company outside of eZ publish to deploy an eZ publish version 3 site and has focused on creating only eZ publish sites.

Tony concentrates on building VisionWT which is a company he founded on the principle that content management should be available to all; whatever their budget.