Learning Ext JS 3.2

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  • Create responsive forms
  • Look at web applications from an entirely new perspective
  • Learn to use the major UI components available in Ext JS
  • Understand how external data can be consumed by Ext JS
  • Query and process remote data into your application
  • Build great-looking and friendly forms by using client and server-side field validation, form loading, submission, field customization, and layout techniques
  • Use Layouts to bring all of the Ext JS pieces together
  • Use Ext JS effects to manipulate the DOM in exciting ways
  • Provide a consistent look and feel to your application using Components
  • Change the visual style of Ext JS using theming support
  • Create bar charts, linear charts, and pie charts using the chart widget to display information in a very simple way
  • Find Custom Community Extensions to expand your applications
  • Create your own custom library extensions



As more and more of our work is done through a web browser, and more businesses build web rather than desktop applications, users want web applications that look and feel like desktop applications. Ext JS is a JavaScript library that makes it (relatively) easy to create desktop-style user interfaces in a web application, including multiple windows, toolbars, drop-down menus, dialog boxes, and much more. Yet, most web developers fail to use this amazing library to its full power.

This book covers all of the major features of the Ext framework using interactive code and clear explanation coupled with loads of screenshots. Learning Ext JS will help you create rich, dynamic, and AJAX-enabled web applications that look good and perform beyond the expectations of your users.

From the building blocks of the application layout, to complex dynamic Grids and Forms, this book will guide you through the basics of using Ext JS, giving you the knowledge required to create rich user experiences beyond typical web interfaces. It will provide you with the tools you need to use AJAX, by consuming server-side data directly into the many interfaces of the Ext JS component library. You will also learn how to use all of the Ext JS widgets and components smartly, through interactive examples.By using a series of straightforward examples backed by screenshots, Learning Ext JS 3.2 will help you create web applications that look good and perform beyond the expectations of your users.

  • Learn to build consistent, attractive web interfaces with the framework components
  • Integrate your existing data and web services with Ext JS data support
  • Enhance your JavaScript skills by using Ext's DOM and AJAX helpers
  • Extend Ext JS through custom components
  • An interactive tutorial packed with loads of example code and illustrative screenshots


Page Count 432
Course Length 12 hours 57 minutes
ISBN 9781849511209
Date Of Publication 10 Oct 2010


Colin Ramsay

Colin Ramsay is a software developer and writer with 15 years of coding experience. From .NET to Ruby, JavaScript, and CSS, he has worked with a range of technologies and local and international clients. His company, Go Tripod Ltd., is based in Cornwall, UK. This company works with multinational clients to implement exciting JavaScript products and ideas. He has coauthored Learning Ext JS and Learning Ext JS 3.2, both by Packt Publishing. Colin also writes on various topics on his personal blog at http://colinramsay.co.uk/.

His main hobby is to make mischief.

Shea Frederick

Shea Frederick began his career in web development before the term 'Web Application' was commonplace. By the late 1990s, he was developing web applications for Tower Records that combined the call center interface with inventory and fulfillment. Since then, Shea has worked as a developer for several companies—building and implementing various commerce solutions, content management systems, and lead tracking programs.

Integrating new technologies to make a better application has been a driving point for Shea's work. He strives to use open source libraries as they are often the launching pad for the most creative technological advances. After stumbling upon a young user interface library called YUI-ext several years ago, Shea contributed to its growth by writing documentation, tutorials, and example code. He has remained an active community member for the modern YUI-ext library—Ext JS. Shea's expertise is drawn from community forum participation, work with the core development team, and his own experience as the architect of several large, Ext JS-based web applications. He currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife and two dogs and spends time skiing, biking, and watching the Steelers.

Shea is the primary author of the first book published on Ext JS, a book which helps to ease beginners into the Ext JS library. He is also a core developer on the Ext JS project along with writing columns for JSMag and running the local Baltimore/DC JavaScript Meetup. His ramblings can be found on his blog, http://www.vinylfox.com and open source code contributions on Github at http://www.github.com/VinylFox/.

Steve 'Cutter' Blades

Cutter is the Senior Web Developer for Dealerskins, a Nashville, Tennessee based hosting provider that develops websites for the Automobile Dealership market. Cutter began his web career when he began learning HTML 1 while in the US Army and stationed with the National Security Agency. Cutter got into application development as a Corporate Support Specialist for a regional ISP, just prior to becoming the IT Director of Seacrets, a large resort destination on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Cutter has extensive experience as a server- and client-side developer, with a popular blog dedicated to ColdFusion, Ext JS, and other web development technologies.

Nigel White

Nigel White has 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He has seen computer systems evolve from batch processing, back room behemoths which dictated user behavior into distributed, user-centered enablers of everyday tasks.

Nigel has been working with rich Internet applications, and dynamic browser updating techniques since before the term "Ajax" was coined.

Recently he collaborated with Jack Slocum in the germination of the ExtJS project, and has contributed code, documentation, and design input to the ExtJS development team.

Nigel works as a software architect at Forward Computers where he oversees development of both the Java server tier and the browser interface of the company's evolving web UI.

He also runs Animal Software, a one man consultancy specializing in ExtJS UI development, consulting, and training.

Work displacement activities include rock climbing and bicycling!