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  • Learn the new syntax of ECMAScript 6
  • Use the new prototype-based features introduced by ES6
  • Execute ES6 in a non-supported ES6 environment
  • Learn how to write asynchronous code using promises - it makes your code more efficient and easier to maintain
  • Find out how to use iterators, iterables, and generators
  • Explore object-oriented programming and create objects using classes
  • Build proxies using the ES6 proxy API and understand its uses
  • Learn how to create JavaScript libraries using ECMAScript 6 modules

ECMAScript 6 is the new edition to the ECMAScript language, whose specifications are inherited by JavaScript. ES6 gives a vast makeover to JavaScript by adding new syntaxes and APIs to write complex applications and libraries that are easier to debug and maintain. By learning the latest version of ECMAScript, you'll have a greater understanding of JavaScript and more confidence and fluency when developing with it - follow this book and use and adopt ES6 features into your work, instead of the usual tired JavaScript hacks and tricks.

The book begins by introducing ECMAScript 6's built-in objects and  shows you how to create custom Iterators.  It also provides you with guidance on Next, how to write asynchronous code in a synchronous style using ES6, so you can unlock greater control and sophistication in the way you develop with JavaScript.

Beyond this, you will also learn how to use Reflect API to inspect and manipulate object properties. Next, it teaches how to create proxies, and use it to intercept and customize operations performed on objects. Finally, it explains old modular programming techniques such as IIFE, CommonJS, AMD, and UMD and also compares it with ECMAScript modules and demonstrates how modules can increase the performance of websites when used.

  • Learn a powerful approach to writing object-oriented JavaScript code using the newest version of ECMAScript
  • Create and use ES6 modules to learn to write smart, modularized JavaScript code
  • Find out how to use ECMAScript modules - discover how they can boost the performance of your website
Page Count 202
Course Length 6 hours 3 minutes
ISBN 9781785884443
Date Of Publication 27 Aug 2015


Narayan Prusty

Narayan Prusty is a full-stack developer. He works as a consultant for various start-ups around the world. He has worked on various technologies and programming languages but is very passionate about JavaScript, WordPress, Ethereum, Solr, React, Cordova, MongoDB, and AWS. Apart from consulting for various start-ups, he also runs a blog titled QNimate and a video tutorial site titled QScutter, where he shares information about a lot of the technologies he works on.